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Apr 10, 2007 03:33 PM

PHX Lunch and Dinner

We will be in Phoenix soon, staying at the Best Western Central as we will be visiting the Heard and the Phoenix Art Museum. Can anyone suggest some top-notch French or Northern Italian places for lunch and dinner? I know Phoenix is huge but we would prefer not to drive more than half an hour from the motel for either meal.

Fort Davis, Texas

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  1. Top Notch French: Mary Elaine's at the Phoenician

    Coups des Tartes is also fun, it's a little BYOB French place in a house.

    Atlas Bistro in Scottsdale sounds fun, but I have never been able to get a reservation. I call, leave a message, and they never call me back.

    I don't know about Northern Italian, but Cibo in central Phoenix has great pizza and a fun atmosphere.

    For fab Italian with a view, there is Sassi in North Scottsdale. It might be a little far, but the food and setting are spectacular.

    1. For French, the options close to your hotel include the following:

      Coup de Tartes
      Note: Restaurant is BYOB; bring your own wine.


      Christopher's Fermier Brasserie

      As for Italian, I can recommend Marcellino, but I don't think of it as northern Italian. Have a look at the menu and judge for yourself.

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        I know people like Cibo, but I wouldn't call it top notch... ... atleast Marcillino is authentic, top rate italian... I highly recommend it. I was almost mad at myself when i visited last month for not visiting earlier.

        Truly, for French, as good as Coup is, I'd say really the options are Sophies or Vincents. Yes, i know I've read some iffy spots on Vincents recently, but thats not my experience. For Italian, i would also give weight to Christo's and definitely Avanti......

        infact, when it comes down to it, I'd say my top recommendations are Vincents and Avanti.

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          we just did avanti a couple weeks ago and it was very good (loved my ossobuco milanese). while we are all big fans (and have been for years), my brother-in-law and sister were with us as well (also food obsessed) and they did marcellino's a few days after it and said they enjoyed it far more than avanti. we have still to get there. right up at the top of the list.

      2. i'd second the sophies recommendation, and add that i prefer to sit outside - less stuffy :)

        we recently tried voltaire and really liked it. straight forward old school french fare. probably the best french onion soup i've ever had.

        it's also in scottsdale but taggia just opened and i've tried some stuff from the chef, claudio, at some local events and was really impressed

        1. As far as I am concerned, there is only one Italian restaurant in Phoenix. Marcellino makes their own pasta daily, great wine list, and def. northern.

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            Marcellino is where I always direct people when they're looking for good Italian. The Mr. orders the black-squid-ink pasta that was always offered as a special. If it's available order it.

            We went for the first time after they were only open for about a week and I was big+ with beastie #1. Sima made us feel so welcome, we were immediately hooked. Top notch food by a top notch duo.