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Apr 10, 2007 03:16 PM

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach

I'm heading to Orange Beach next month and am looking for places to eat. We are staying at the Perdido Beach Resort but are willing to take a long drive for a good meal. Cosmo's and Tin Top seem to be popular recommendations; is that still the consensus? Are there other places you would recommend? We love seafood but don't usually go for fried.

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  1. Cosmo's and Tin Top are indeed my favorite recommendations. You might also consider Mango's in Orange Beach (Caribbean influence) and Jesse's in Magnolia Springs (excellent steaks and a nice wine list). If you don't mind dives, The Original Point on Inerrarity Road (mapquest it) never disappoints with their fresh fish. Also, right across the street from PBR is Louisiana Lagniappe. Not as good as the others, but certainly edible.

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      My two favourites are Original Oyster House ( and Gulf Shores Steamers. Especially Steamers. Got a great bucket of reds and beer for cheap.

      We also went to a place called the Pelican Pub on Dauphin Island and had an amazing grouper po' boy. Possibly the food hi-lite of the trip. It's also in a great spot. You can watch fishing boats come in and everything.

      Also, when we took the ferry across to the island there was a sign on the wall encouraging you to go up to the fishing boats and see if you could strike up a deal. So if you have a place to cook, you may want to try some of the gulfs bounty as fresh as you'll ever get it.


    2. I second Cosmo's also.

      1. Cosmos and Tin Top are both good choices. The restaurant where you are staying, Voyagers, is the only 4-Star restaurant in the area and is a good choice. Another place you may want to consider is Bayside Grill. Bayside has great food, a fantastic view, and is a great place for dinner or a Sunday Brunch. If you are in town on a Friday and want a steak lunch for good value, try Live Bait. For a really good breakfast try Duck's Diner on Canal Road.

        You can find a complete list of restaurants in Orange Beach, with descriptions, here:

        1. I am a local...Tin Top is the very best in the area for the non-fried fan if you really want seafood. If you're group has a red meat fan amongst the crowd, they will find some of the finest steaks available anywhere as well. Cosmo's is also good but the service and atmosphere leave a bit to be desired.

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            I could not disagree more. I like both Cosmo's and Tin Top a lot, but to say TT has some kind of atmosphere lacking at Cosmo's doesn't seem right. Tin Top was formerly an old grocery store and has concrete floors. The noise level can be cacophonous at times. That and the drunk rednecks you sometimes encounter at the outdoor bar can make it an interesting experience. IMO, Cosmo's biggest problem is their lack of adequate parking. Both restaurants have an excellent selection of non-fried seafood. If you really need atmosphere down here, Jesse's in Magnolia Springs is usually a good choice.

          2. Cosmo's is excellent. The service I've experienced there is top notch. And I think the atmosphere is good, albeit a little loud. However, the bar is separated from the restaurant by French doors, so the noise is contained. The only downside is that they don't take reservations, even for large parties. (Ironically, the only item on their menu that doesn't impress me is their fried platter.)

            Another place I've been told is very good is Geno's Fresh Catch Grill... they're at Zeke's Landing Marina. I hope to try it out next visit.