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Apr 10, 2007 03:06 PM

exciting Asian neighborhood cuisine nr. Queens Museum??

Going from Manhattan to Queens on Saturday to see the Robert Moses show. I've heard that Queens has great Asian restaurants with a local neighborhood feel but I have no leads. Any recommendations? Non-Japanese would be preferred as we've eaten a lot of Japanese cuisine lately.

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  1. Just to the east of the park where the Museum is (Flushing Meadow Park) is Flushing, the largest Chinese neighborhood on the east coast. It's centered in the blocks around Main St. & Roosevelt Ave. The last stop on the 7 train will put you right in the middle of this area. There are also several Korean restaurants on the eastern side of this neighborhood. Do a search on this board for Flushing, as there is constant talk here about food in the area. The current consensus favorite restaurant there seems to be Spicy & Tasty on Prince St., which serves wonderful (and very spicy) Szechuan food. But there are literally hundreds of restaurants in the area.