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Apr 10, 2007 03:02 PM

David Burke's Primehouse: Worth it or not?

Hi there,

My parents are coming into town in May and I'm considering taking them to David Burke's Primehouse. My question to each of you is: Is it worth the $50 for a steak?

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  1. In a word: yes

    The 40-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye is hands down the best steak I've ever had.

    Go and enjoy!

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    1. re: jesteinf

      I agree. The Steak was outstanding. I thought the sides could use a little work but overall it was a pleasurable dining experience.

    2. Taking clients there tomorrow night. I'll let you know.

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      1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

        I went there about a month ago - We were the first table there on a Sunday night and they sat us at the first table by the entrance. I just thought that was wierd. The service was good - wine list was expensive - all the usual suspects. The Caesar salad tableside was really good. And the gentlemen who made did know where it was invented (always a plus - someone must have trained him). But I was completly underwhelmed by the steaks. Especially at that price point. I have had a lot of steaks in my life and I found it no better then Outback.

        1. re: amy929

          Oh come on. Not everyone likes dry-aged steaks, but to say the meat was no better than Outback just isn't believable. At the very least, Primehouse is serving prime steaks, while Outback serves choice.

          Which steak did you have?

      2. I went there for a business dinner, so a few disclaimers - a) I didn't have to pay for it and b) I didn't choose the restaurant and c) I'm not a steak eater. Most people in our party were steak eaters and were not impressed with the steaks they got - one person I was with even had to send back the steak twice because he asked for medium rare and it was completely rare when it arrived. I also think that my fellow diners weren't into the dry-aged steaks, though, and they were really put off by the fact that our waiter was really pushing their steak sauces on us before the steaks even came to the table. (I'm not sure if steak sauce is more acceptable when it comes to the dry aged steaks...) Service was extremely slow and inattentive, sides and desserts were nothing memorable, so all in all, I will not be back.

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        1. re: jn2001

          Actually, their steak sauces are a well known gimmick. David Burke is a fan of such "tactics"...check his line of "flavor sprays". Last I was there we did several sauces. You certainly don't *need* to gild the lily when it comes to beef this good, but how can you turn down truffle mousse? That "sauce" in particular is outstanding paired with a medium-rare steak.

        2. If, based on the feedback you receive here, you decide to consider other steakhouses in the area, you might want to review the comments in this topic about lots of steakhouses here:

          What you will find there, briefly, is a lack of consensus that any single steakhouse is far and away the single best in the area. For every steakhouse with numerous feedback comments, you'll find at least a few detractors along with the ardent fans.

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            This place really has had a suprising number of very good and very bad reviews. I'll give my 2 cents tomorrow after dinner tonight.

          2. Thanks, everyone. I was specifically asking about this steakhouse because that's the one we had in mind - not the others. Seems a little pricey compared to all the other fantastic steakhouses in Chicago and wanted to see if it was truly worth it. I appreciate all of your input!

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            1. re: uvolks2

              Just got back from dinner. Including tip, $688 for 4. Apps: Kobe carpacio was great. But use the correct term, this is not Kobe. Surf and Turf pot stickers were 50/50. Turf ones were great, turf not so good. Tableside prepared Ceasar salad was good but not as good as I was expecting. Lobster bisque was not good. Grainy, and just not that good. NY Strip was good, very good. But not great. Other 3 diners had the bone in strip (hence the high bill, plus the wine). 2 loved them, one said it was just ok.

              We had the truffle mouse and the blue cheese. They were nice accompliments. Didn't try the cheesecake lolly tree.

              The "scenery" was great and it was nice and trendy. Best steakhouse? No. But very good.

              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                Really appreciate the feedback - thanks!


                1. re: uvolks2

                  As it happens I wouldn't know. I went there as a single walk in this week, got seated and after fifteen minutes no one had offered me a drink or a menu. I got up and had a word with the manager and took off. Had a great dinner at Bice.