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Spanish food blogs?

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Hey 'hounds,

Not sure if this is the appropriate board, but I'm currently studying in Madrid, and reading my hometown (NYC) food blogs makes me long for some blog-inspired chowhounding here. So far I've been relying on this board, tour guides, and word of mouth from local friends I've made...but would appreciate any tips, advice on where to look, etc.

Here's what I've found thus far:

Thanks in advance!

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    1. http://www.lacoctelera.com/gourmet



      http://blogs.abc.es/gastronomia---Very popular,with a lot of people leaving "comentarios"


      http://comerconlila.blogspot.com (Madrid&Barcelona restaurants


      http://www.elmundo.es/yodonablogs/coc... (fantastic recipes from famous cooks Toñi Vicente - from restaurant "Toñi Vicente"in La Coruña ; Mario Sandoval - from "Coque", Madrid- Ricardo Sanz - from "Kabuki", Madrid;Sergi Arola - from "La Broche",Madrid-; Jacob and Paco Torreblanca - from "Pastelería Torreblanca",Madrid- and from the great Abraham García- from "Viridiana",Madrid


      Don't miss the website from "El Bulli" http://www.elbulli.com

      ***(And last but not least,mine): http://www.piensoluegocomo.blogspot.com (Food&restaurants and contemporary thinking


      Hope you're enjoying your stay here in Madrid, theannerska

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        Oh...Thanks for posting all THAT!!!!! Like I am going to get ANY work done today now!!!!


    2. Have you tried MadridMan.com 's all Spain message board? It's quite good and has a link for favorite restaurants. It's a message board however and not a blog.

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        1. Ryan, thanks for the tip on notesfromspain.com! Looks like a lot of useful info to sort through in my last month or so here.

          Memento is already on my (very long, somewhat ambitious) list of places to go. Hope to actually make it there...

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