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Old Fashioned Restaurants in NYC?

I am looking for an old-fashioned restaurant in NYC, it can be any type of food. It should not look like a typical "New York City Restaurant." Basically, someplace that can pass as "Aywhere USA." For example: Italian restaurant with red and white checkered tablecloths. Thanks!

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  1. As the name implies, I'll chime in with ... http://www.oldtownbar.com/

      1. How about Lexington Candy Shop for old-fashioned diner and Eisenberg's Sandwich for, well, old-fashioned diner?

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          Ditto Eisenberg's...definately Katz's.

        2. Volare in the Village for old-fashioned Italian.

          Katz for old-fashioned deli.

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          1. One if by Land Two if by Sea on Barrow Street is certainly old fashioned.

              1. Look at any 1940s movie set in NY and chances are the sophisticated hero would take the lady he's wooing to a brownstone in Greenwich Village, down a few steps to one of those Italian restaurants you describe with red and white checkered tablecloths. That was the height of sophistication then.

                One of these restaurants remains. Fedora, at 239 W 4th St. I've never eaten there and for all I know the food is lousy, but it's definitely old fashioned and I think you can get a 3 course dinner for $14.

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                  Corner Bistro for old fashioned bar serving great hamburgers.

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                    Restaurants, bars -- how about diners? Those old chrome-walled diners along Eleventh Ave used to have such a retro feel. I loved Market Diner. Apparently most of them are closed, but according to this link some are open: