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Knife Sharpeners in Orlando?

Does anyone know of a good knife sharpener in Orlando (a skilled human, not a cooking store device)? We have been having a very difficult time finding one....

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  1. I found this mail service on google http://www.accuratesharp.com/knife_sh...
    You might want to try a place like a lawn mower shop where they sharpen tool blades. We have a steel with a handle that my husband uses to keep our knives sharp. But then he is a Johnson and Wales graduate and a CEC .....
    Back in my bartending days the places I worked at used Cozzini. They probably have a Orlando location.

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      We have actually started using Holley Knives in Conneticut, but I didn't want to have to be without them for a week due to the shipping and such, and was wondering if anyone knew of a good place in ORL.

      By the way, Holley is does an awesome job, but they are pricey considering what we used to pay in North Carolina. Just as a note, their customer service is excellent.

      That is, if your looking for mail order recs or anything. I'm sure that more people are in this boat.... http://www.holleyknives.com/

      I do wish there is a local place (TBH, the lawn mower blade sharpeners scare my husband - he loves his knives and won't "lower" them to being sharpened by something that also does lawn mower blades! LOL).

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        Although not for everyone, home sharpening is not hard to do. The EdgePro system has gotten a lot of good reviews. I have one and love it. Not cheap but I have not had one moment of remorse for buying it. If you love your knives why let someone else sharpen them.

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          David Issacs at Knives a Lot , 1460 E State Road 436, Altamonte Spgs, FL
          (407) 261-0551


    2. i have been using buddy blades...local service....cheap and good....i think he was a chef....anyways just google the name and the website should come up

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          They recommended trying Publix, too, in culinary school. Some locations will sharpen your chef knives :-)

      1. We could not find anyone locally so we learned how to do it ourselves. It's not difficult once you get the hang of it and also don't let your knives get too dull. You can get a sharpenning stone at the local hardware. Fire up some Internet videos and there you go. You do need patience and time.

        1. Live your life!
          I'm not trying to talk you out of anything, but my knives can cleanly slice paper after just a few seconds of attention...
          I've had an electric Chef's Choice model 120 at the end of my counter for like 15 years now...

          Before a slicing or cutting job I run the chosen blade 20 times +/- through the 'fluff & buff' final honing wheel if necessary, and I'm set...
          As soon as I think a blade could be sharper, it's done....

          And in all this time, my knives still look good...
          None of them have that anorexic oversharpened hollowed-out look...

          I love a sharp knife, but I can't imagine needing anything more...

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            I appreciate your posting your experience with the Chef's Choice. I have been on the fence about purchasing one for the last couple of months. Hopefully there will be a good deal on one after the holidays.

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              Dan's knife shop in South Orlando....excellent. On South Orange Avenue. Quality work. Reasonable prices. Get the entire lot done then slick them up as needed.

          2. Steve, of Tim's Wine Store, makes customer knives and sharpens knives. I don't have his business card, but you can contact him at Tim's Wines on Orlando Avenue- http://timswine.com/ 407-895-9463

            1. I used Buddy Blades for my Deba and Yanagi the other day. They took the chips out of the blade and polished both knives. The thing I really liked is that they took the time to do my knives on water stones. It cost me a little extra but they are beautiful now and extremely sharp. And I will give the owner some kudos on knowing his Japanese knives he was a pleasure to deal with.

              1. Buddy Blades! we use their rental knife service for our restaurant and they sharpen my personal knives. Since they do not sharpen on site I was concerned about the turnaround time to get my personal knives sharpened, so when I told Buddy about my concern he brought me in a loaner set of knives for me to use. Let's just say his loaner knives were top of the line German knives that probably cost twice as much as my knives and these were his looaners. Well I got my kives back the next day and just like his rental knives they were xtra sharp.

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                  Just wanted to throw in another recommendation for Brian at Buddy Blades. Great sharpening service but even better customer service.

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                    So how does this work. I have 1 chef's knife I need sharpened. Is there a place you drop it off, or do they pick it up? If someone would please explain, that would be great...

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                      They'll come pick it up from you and have it back within a week.


                      From their website:

                      Buddy Blades

                      Email- info@buddyblades.com

                      Buddy Blades is open Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment. There is a $15.00 minimum order. Service area extends 30 miles from downtown Orlando.

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                        I used Buddy Blades the other day, 1 day turnaround for sharpening and it was a $15 minimum but I ended up buying a $150 mac chef's knife off of him so I more than met the minimum and as YSam said the service was outstanding.

                2. First, thank you for posing this question. I have been looking for a sharpening place since I moved here 8 years ago. And thank all of you who responded with such good suggestions.