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Apr 10, 2007 02:19 PM


I'm going to be in Chicago Magnificent Mile area this weekend. I was hoping some of you fellow hungry folk would know of the best places to eat BREAKFAST! I'm a hungry person who loves an affordable huge and yummy meal.

Also, any ideas for lunch places that will wow me without wowwing my wallet?

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Take a taxi to Ann Sather's at Clark and Belmont (there might be a branch a little closer to the north side.) Everything on their menu is good. Also, it's worth getting pastries and coffee at Dinkel's bakery.

    1. There are plenty of recommendations in this topic:

      FWIW, I find Ann Sather's rather bland, and not worth the trip from Michigan Avenue. There are plenty of much better places a lot closer. Go to Orange on Harrison, or Lou Mitchell's, or Kitsch'n River North, or...

      1. Heaven on Seven, a Cajun restaurant, serves some interesting Cajun breakfasts (Shrimp Creole omelet, pecan pancakes etc). It's up in an office building "Garfield Building" on Wabash near Washington, just behind Macy's. From the MM you can get there in a brisk 15-minute walk, which will help you work up an appetite. Just keeping going south on Michigan then turn right on Randolph and left on Wabash. Their website shows menus.

        In the other direction, walk north on Michigan a couple of blocks past where the stores end and apartment buildings start. Turn left on Bellevue. Enjoy the long block of beautiful 1880's townhouses. At the end of this block will be The Old Original Pancake House which has anything you can think of for breakfast.

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          We were just at the Original Pancake House a couple of weeks ago. Two points - one, I thought the food was very good; two, I like a big breakfast too, but I shy-ed away from the 4 egg omelets....... But they looked good.

        2. I recommend the Bongo Room on S. Michigan Ave. (too far for you to walk, probably, so cab it). It's busy on weekend mornings, but there's a reason for it: an incredible breakfast menu!

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            Thanks for all the input! I'm hungry - wish it was Saturday morning already...

            Any other Unique breakfast dining experiences to recommend?

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              I was at the Bongo Room twice last week for breakfast and it is a good experience. Some of the pancake and waffle creations which we did have looked awesome for nearby. It is located at Wabash and Roosevelt a few steps from the Brown Line El Station and, I believe, the Red Line station.

            2. Ina's on Randolph;
              Ina is quite talented. Her heavenly hots pancakes are unbelievable! The very best in the city. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

              Wishbone on Washington for Cajun and Mexican inspired breakfast, lunch, & dinner

              Original House of Pancakes on Belview and Rush for fantastic pancakes and apple pancakes.

              Le Peep on Washinton: Chain restaurant that serves up great breakfast. The Desparado omlette is great.

              Tempo Restaurant: Grecian inspired breakfast. Stick to the breakfast or Greek stuff.

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                Excellent suggestions all. One more little known treasure.

                Meli on Halsted and Jackson. Six menu pages of breakfast treats. Some of the fluffiest eggs I've ever tasted. Too many kitchens cook eggs until they are dead, hard or rubbery. They have awesome French toast, plus scrambles, skillets, omelets, frittatas and benedicts.

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                  Yeah, I've gotta throw in a second for Wishbone. I'm a big fan of their breakfast & lunch.