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Apr 10, 2007 02:03 PM

Long branch N.J.

What's not to be missed?

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    1. re: mattress2k1

      Even better - ask them to toss one in the deep fryer for a ripper.

      1. re: bgut1

        "rippers" are the best at Rutt's Hut ( a legendary northern NJ hot dog place )

        1. re: tuxedo

          Yeah I know but when do you get a chance to go up to North Jersey? For me, Windmill is close enough :)

          1. re: bgut1

            for food? I will make time to travel!!

    2. I think I can safely say that there is nothing in Long Branch that is not to be missed.

      If you expand your search to the nearby towns, then we may have a meal or two, but otherwise...

      Max's/Windmill - try em both and join the ongoing argument (I prefer Max's) over who has the best hot dog.

      Jack's is in West Long Branch, but they definately have the best local chicken wings and their ribs are not bad if you don't have to have your ribs smoked.

      1. Freddie's pizza on Broadway is outstanding - perfect classic style pizza. Next door is Acapulquenos, a very good Mexican place. Both are informal and BYO.

        Try Tuzzio's for very good classic red sauce Italian.

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Bob -- we cross posted and you nailed the name of the Mexican place which I can never remember. Seems like we frequent some of the same places when in L.B.

          Another to add to the list is The Turning Point at Pier Village for breakfast and brunch. Although I haven't been to this location (I go to the one in Manalapan), I've heard its pretty much the same.

          1. re: jsfein

            Acapulquenos. Me too. IMO, it's the best Mexican in the area. Very casual and inexpensive. It's on Broadway in West Long Branch.

            1. re: val ann c

              curious as to what type of mexican Acapulquenos is..."authentic"? fusion?

              1. re: tuxedo

                Someone who's actually eaten there will have to confirm, but I believe its considered "authentic" Mexican.

                1. re: jsfein

                  "Authentic" Mexican, yes, not fusion. While it is not exactly my cuisine of choice I think they do a very nice job. We like the chicken quesadillas fine, but prefer the chicken tostados and the chorizo enchiladas in salsa verde are very good. I've ordered around the specials, too, once liking "Mariscadas al diabla con espaguety;" tiny lobster tail and some shrimps, the red sauce kind of soupy and the spaghetti was kind of fun in its way. We admire both the red and the green salsas here and the service is sweet.

                2. re: tuxedo

                  95% of the clientele are Mexicans. Yes, it's the real deal.

                  1. re: tuxedo

                    Acapulquenos cooking is central Mexico. One of the reasons I like them is their really good rice and beans. Also the steak tacos. It's a very simple place. The staff is nice.

                    1. re: val ann c

                      Very good Mexican. Have tried several dishes and all were great. Simple place but bright and colorful. I always order take out but its comfortable inside to stay and eat.

              2. re: Bob Martinez

                second on Freddie's. Excellent pizza. My fav. place in LB

              3. I agree with seal that there's not much in the "not to be missed" category in Long Branch. That being said, you can still get some pretty good eats in Long Branch. Pearl of Lisbon serves solid Portugese fare. Richard's Deli does a nice Jewish style sloppy and smokey joes with really great (and complimentary) macaroni salad. I also like the ribs at Jack's. Charley's, which I haven't been to in a while, is known for its prime rib and fresh fish. Freddie's makes a decent pizza. Tuzzio's is a pretty good American-Italian restaurant. And there's a mexican place (I think on Broadway), the name always escapes me, which I've heard is good.

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                1. re: jsfein

                  Cask 591...used to be Joe & Maggie's on Broadway. It has been getting some mixed reviews on the boards but as of late seems that people are pretty impressed and I've always had wonderful meals there. If u like brick oven pizza try Manna'a in West End (next to the Mix) which incidently makes great martinis. Ribs at Jacks are fall off the bone good and sushi at Izu (also in west end) is pretty decent. You can't beat the cheese fries at the windmill.

                  1. re: stack_c

                    Yes, Cask 591 seems to have improved since it opened. I have to put it back on my "to do" list. Tuzzio's, Freddie's, Jack's are all solid standbys. Tavolo's is ok although the interior isnt comfortable and too dark. If the new lebanese place Kam Zaman is like the old Ranoosh that should be very good.
                    I still havent tried Jesse's Cafe (vegetarian) or Roselli's.

                    1. re: tom porc

                      Has anybody dined at Dino in Ursula Plaza? It hasn't been mentioned in the recent Long Branch threads. I've been meaning to try it for years. The handful of people I know who have tried it said it was good.

                      1. re: fershore

                        I havent but a co-worker has and they (4) enjoyed it. Although she did say it was quite expensive. I will ask for details when I see her again.

                2. I live in Long Branch and the hamburgers at Nip-N-Tuck Bar and Grill cannot be missed.

                  Here's a good review in the Asbury Park Press:


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                  1. re: njchick

                    I live in LB as well. Dino's is very good, but yes it is pricey. Kam Zaman is the old owner of Ranoosh, the food is great but, you are still limited to Kosher wine. I stick to vodka while there, some of the best lamb chops I have ever had when he has them. I have had several great meals at cask 591 recently and put it on my regular rotation. And BTW, Max's is much better then WIndmill, unless it's 3am and you are wasted!

                    1. re: dineoutnj

                      With several people living, working or eating in LB we probably have run into each other and not know it.

                      Btw, I also like Carmella's in Pier Village for dessert.

                      1. re: tom porc

                        Never been to Carmella's, I love Strollo's soft serve and their Italian ice in the summer.