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Apr 10, 2007 01:41 PM

"OVEN" to open in Brooklyn Heights 5/5

Looks like a pizza place is moving into the failed Aficianado space on Henry Street soon...

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  1. just thought i would report that while this was supposed to open 6 weeks ago, it still is not. interior looks ready for the most part, hopefully this will be opening soon.

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    1. re: fishermb

      Word is out among Heights Restaurateurs that this is going to be a really fine addition.

      Not a "pizza place" that would compete with Fascati, but a real Restaurant and Wine Bar with artisanale pizza and other food as well.

      Not a takeout, but a real restaurant.

      Sounds exciting.

      1. re: Fleur

        <<a really fine addition.>>

        What, exactly, about the many, many different businesses that have gone through this location makes you think it will be "fine"?

        From past experience, and the current cheesy marketing copy, I expect it will be absolutely terrible.

        I suppose time will tell. :)


        1. re: Peter

          I have been as negative as you about this location (going all the way back to the tapas place). However I hold out more hope for a few of the new ones. I was drinking at the pub next door and the chef came in and gave the few guys there a loaf of fresh bred. Man it was amazing. We spoke for awhile, and the guy knows what he is doing. Not sure that can overcome the curse of the location, but I am willing at least to give the new places a chance....

          1. re: driggs

            Good to hear the bread is great!

            And yeah, I'd love for it to be a success as well. So as I said earlier, time will tell. :)

            1. re: bosox

              i didnt even realize they were opened last night. any idea if theyre open now for good?

              1. re: fishermb

                According to, it opens to the public tomorrow (6/27).

                1. re: JennS

                  Will try it sometime Thursday or over the weekend, glad this spot finally opened around the corner from me, have been waiting a while.

    2. Walked by Oven last night and it was open and relatively full. (I skipped it and went to Petite Marche where we each had a solid Steak Frite)

      Anyone been?

      P.S. It's kind of odd. They have those wooden venetian blinds down -- but rotated so you could see in -- but it still blocked a lot of the view inside. We both got all the way past without even noticing it was open until one of us saw it out of the corner of our eye and doubled-back. They might want to do something about that.

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      1. re: Peter

        I walked by there around 9:30 last night and there were only people at 2 tables, it was dead. Might try it tonight, or will get around to it some time over the weekend

        1. re: Peter

          We went to Oven yesterday and every table was taken - but no looked happy. The place was rather subdued. The entire menu is pizza: dont be fooled by the "Kobe Steak" or "Kobe Burger" items that sound like entrees - they arent cuts of meat at all, but toppings on (very expensive) pizza. The crust snaps, a lot like a very crispy indian bread, or like matzoh. It doesnt really tear. The toppings are very sparse and presentation is what is emphasized. The chef discourages special requests, like stuff on the side, or extra stuff (i.e. balsamic vinegar). The "Kobe Steak" salad is supposed to be served chilled, but that is not mentioned any where on the menu. I ordered it medium well, thinking it was cooked to order. The salad came out with this little tuff brown gnarls of beef - shoe leather. Rather than explaining how the salad is usually served, the waitress decided I wanted it warm, by golly, so warm it would be. My husband had the Kobe Burger pizza ($25!) It was so lousy. The bright part of the meal was my wine ($9) "Tantarra- Hank Rule" something. Very nice. I will never go back and I predict the place will be on life support, if not dead, by October.

          1. re: genie in a bottle

            Why would anyone pay $25 for an individual pizza?

            You can get a perfectly good, actually excellent , pizza up the street at FASCATI.

            I hope the Fascati brothers won't lose much sleep over the opening of this pretentious sounding spot.

            Peope are constantly reading this neighborhood wrong. This is not, thinking of SPAGO, California, not Manhattan, and not populated by foodies looking for the latest hot trend.

            The only restaurants that consistantly do well are restaurants that serve excellent food in a nice atmosphere, with professional service, and at a reasonable price.

            Restaurants like HENRY'S END, LE PETIT MARCHE, AND NOODLE PUDDING, are three examples that follow the correct formula to Brooklyn Heights success.

            1. re: Fleur

              You are spot on. Maybe $25 works at Otto's in Greenwich Village, but Oven's pizza simply is not good. Even Heights Cafe's individual pizzas have more character, appeal and flavor. In any event, for my money, its Grimaldi's take out.

              1. re: genie in a bottle

                FASCATI also makes an individual size pizza that is quite good.

                MONTY'S on Montague Street does as well.

                We don't mind spending for fine quality, and love restaurants like RIVER CAFE in Brooklyn, and DEL POSTO, DANIEL, and LE BERNADIN in the City, but ordinary pretentious food at inflated prices, i.e. the $25 pizza for one, is where I draw the line.

                Another misreading of Brooklyn Heights' demographics, tastes, and needs.

                I don't relish the idea of seeing another restaurant fail, so hopefully they will get the message and shape up.

                Perhaps they should have chat with the owners of HENRY'S END and NOODLE PUDDING, who have run their restaurants successfully for many, many years, or with newcomer LE PETIT MARCHE, always packed, and seemingingly on its way to long term success.

                1. re: Fleur

                  Oven is supposed to be opening for lunch (weekdays) sometime this month. I hope they seriously reduce the prices for lunch, or they will get no business. It's hard enough to get people to walk over to that area for weekday lunches from the courts, MetroTech, etc., they're certainly not going to spend tons of money. That's why places like that Mike's steakhouse tanked.