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Stein's Market and Deli

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I stumbled upon this place on Magazine near the corner where all the banners are always flapping in the breeze. It is terrific, fresh bagels, great meats and homemade salads. Unusual cheeses good bread. I can't say enough about this place. Fantastic sandwiches. Just go and try it out, I am sure you will feel as I do.

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  1. I also love this place. I stumbled upon it during mardi gras, at the time they had very, very limited sources. I got a reuben and it was amazing. I've only been back once since, but everytime I do pass by it is very crowded. I've been wanting to check it out for breakfast.

    1. I want to caress their bagels across my cheek; I'm so happy to have jewish deli downtown! Good breakfasts. It's not open on Tuesdays, but 7-7 weekdays and shorter hours weekends.

      1. Where on Magazine? I have not heard of Stein's nor have I ever seen it. Perhaps I just never noticed.

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          On the upriver, lake side of the Jackson/Magazine St. intersection....next to that flag/kite shop.

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            It is pretty much on the corner of Jackson and Magazine. Right near the flag shop...you know you cannot miss that one.

          2. Tonto is not exaggerating....their hot Pastrami was as good as I have had outside of New York City....this place is great. I will be going back there a lot.

            1. I am from Philadelphia where we have plenty of Jewish Style deli's and I thought Stein's was on par with the best of them. It is very relaxed store front with lots of character in the building and in the people working there. Also beyond your traditional Deli items, Stein's has a great gourmet cheese and Italian meat case. Stein's is a great stop for locals and tourists alike.

              1. This thread is a couple years old. Just wanted to add that Stein's is still that good. Absolutely the best Reuben I have yet to enjoy. The Shaggy Joe and Tuna Salad are great as well. I live about 40 miles outside New Orleans. I have drove to N.O. more than once just to go to Stein's.

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                  Not a fan. I grew up in Jersey and my grandparents owned a deli. Pastrami/corned beef should come out of a steamer and be sliced to order, not presliced, reheated and served crispy. The rye is terrible and comes toasted. Never happen in a "sure enough" deli. Meat should be piled at least 2" high. Perhaps it's the best available in NOLA ,but I'll pass.

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                    it;s kinda pricey but I did have a sandwich there one time that was a special and not on the menu and it was INCREDIBLE
                    roast pork, sauteed' broccoli rabe, and melted provolone on a hard crusty roll.

                    so delicious. they need to put that on their regular menu i would go there once a week or so.

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                      That's a Tony Luke roast pork special from Philly...my first stop after getting my rental car at the phl intl airport...

                      don't get me wrong- po'boys are great, but Philly is the ultimate sandwich town!

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                        do you think ohn's roast pork is better than tony luke?? i like white house subs in ac for best cheesesteak. although lorezo's in italian market had a good one as well

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                    Overall, I love Stein's. I love to go there on a Sunday and get a bagel [which they buy from H&H in NYC, I think] with a little lox and a lot of cream cheese. Also, I grew up in PA, and it's just really comforting to go in there and get Wise potato chips or Tastykakes or Utz pretzels--if only they sold Yuengling beer!

                    However, I'd stay away from the Italian hoagie. The cuts of meat Stein's uses on it are too fancy, if that makes any sense. There shouldn't be overly strongly flavored cuts; the meats' flavors should kind of meld together in your mouth, and the provolone shouldn't be very aged. The lettuce should be shredded iceberg, not sheets of romaine. There should be a little Parmesan--powdered, not shredded--sprinkled on top. Also, when I ordered it, they did not have ANY hot hoagie peppers. At the very least, they should have sliced banana peppers back there, and really, it's not that hard to get hot hoagie spread; I brought some back with me the last time I went home for a visit. It tasted good, it just wasn't authentic. It's not a real Italian hoagie. The roll was really good, though.