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Apr 10, 2007 01:38 PM

Stein's Market and Deli

I stumbled upon this place on Magazine near the corner where all the banners are always flapping in the breeze. It is terrific, fresh bagels, great meats and homemade salads. Unusual cheeses good bread. I can't say enough about this place. Fantastic sandwiches. Just go and try it out, I am sure you will feel as I do.

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  1. I also love this place. I stumbled upon it during mardi gras, at the time they had very, very limited sources. I got a reuben and it was amazing. I've only been back once since, but everytime I do pass by it is very crowded. I've been wanting to check it out for breakfast.

    1. I want to caress their bagels across my cheek; I'm so happy to have jewish deli downtown! Good breakfasts. It's not open on Tuesdays, but 7-7 weekdays and shorter hours weekends.

      1. Where on Magazine? I have not heard of Stein's nor have I ever seen it. Perhaps I just never noticed.

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          On the upriver, lake side of the Jackson/Magazine St. intersection....next to that flag/kite shop.

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            It is pretty much on the corner of Jackson and Magazine. Right near the flag shop...you know you cannot miss that one.

          2. Tonto is not exaggerating....their hot Pastrami was as good as I have had outside of New York City....this place is great. I will be going back there a lot.

            1. I am from Philadelphia where we have plenty of Jewish Style deli's and I thought Stein's was on par with the best of them. It is very relaxed store front with lots of character in the building and in the people working there. Also beyond your traditional Deli items, Stein's has a great gourmet cheese and Italian meat case. Stein's is a great stop for locals and tourists alike.