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Apr 10, 2007 01:34 PM

Los Angeles Pizza Company open & GREAT

Los Angeles Pizza Company is Finally open! I have been driving by it for months and it is finally open. I went in today and had a luch special that was a slice (pepperoni or cheese) salad and a soda for $5. I had a cheese slice which was GREAT. Thin crust, tangy sauce, good cheese texture. Salad was great, too. Kinda fancy with pine nuts and goat cheese but they got it right. Good balsamic vinagerette. Only one complaint. The slice was a little small. I wanted more. The guy behind the counter asked if I wanted another slice and I did but I told him no. Make it $6 and ad another slice and it is perfection.

Address is 712 N. Figueroa right before the Fig entrance to the 110 N. in Chinatown!
open 10 to 10.

The rest of the menu looks good but I am gonna stick to the cheese pizza until I have had enough to move on.

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  1. Cool, good to hear. People might want to know that this is on Figueroa north of Sunset, just past the BBQ place.

    1. OMG! so nice! i was feeling pretty bummed after a few of us couldn't find good delivery options for the chinatown area in a previous chowhound thread. :-(

      the question they do delivery?!

      1. Do you know if they have a website? When I googled it I didn't come up with anything...

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        1. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this place. I've driven by it (on my way to the freeway) a few times and after reading this post I thought I had to try it. For the record, I'm a Nonna's pizza lover when it comes to pizza by the slice. Mainly because it's close to me-and luckily it's good too.

          I thought this place was okay. It would probably do in a situation where I was in Downtown and needed a slice ASAP and wanted some pretty convenient parking. They don't have the pizzas displayed like other places. Maybe they usually do? But when I went in (around 3pm) they didn't. The guys are super nice there though, which I always like. They happen to have some Empenadas-hope I came close to spelling it right. I'm pretty sure they were made there. I got the ground beef one and it was good. I don't think it's a regular thing since it's not on their menu.

          So cheese pizza slice-$2 empenada $1.25. Not bad.

          1. The original comment has been removed