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Apr 10, 2007 12:52 PM

30th Bday - Outdoor Space Preferred

I am looking for a unique venue to throw a 30th birthday party for my wife. The ideal place has outdoor and indoor accomodations and can easily accomodate up to 50 guests. I would consider bringing in a caterer or working directly with the venue.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Are you doing a full dinner or drinks and snacks?

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    1. re: bklyngrl

      Either or. Not really boxed in, just looking for a cool space. Thanks!

      1. re: chowfreak

        Any neighborhood in particular? "Outer Boroughs" covers a lot of ground.

    2. Five Front could fit the bill. they have a pretty outdoor seating area which, I believe, can be reserved as a private space. There is also a bar inside. Then, you have the backdrop of the water and Manhattan skyline, when you exit the restaurant, as well.

      1. I had my engagement part at NANA in Park Slope. They had butlered appetizers and a buffet for the entrees. Everybody raved about the food. And they have a lovely outdoor garden which is quite large, and the indoor space is "industrial chic".

        They let me hook my ipod up to their stereo system, so I was able to control the music during the event as well.

        And it was fairly inexpensive.

        1. Frankie's on Court St is great for parties. They have a private carriage house out back for parties as well as a cool garden.

          1. Alma on DeGraw and Columbia is perched on the Brooklyn waterfront, so the view of downtown Manhattan from the open roofdeck is dramatic and breathtaking. Food is ok Mexican -- not terrible, not great, but the drinks are tasty and it's a great party space.