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Apr 10, 2007 12:51 PM

30th Bday - Outdoor Space Preferred

I am looking for a unique venue to throw a 30th birthday party for my wife. The ideal place has outdoor and indoor accomodations and can easily accomodate up to 50 guests. I would consider bringing in a caterer or working directly with the venue.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. We considered The Park for our wedding for their outdoor space, however I have not tried their food.

    1. While I wouldn't call it unique, Gascogne, the French bistro in Chelsea, has a charming interior and one of the loveliest gardens in the city. Plus, the food's delicious.

      1. 5 Ninth is lovely and the food is unique

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          Royale on C and 9th. Great burgers and very nice outdoor space. Maybe more casual then you are thinking but if your crowd likes to drink as well as eat this is the place.

        2. I recommend four places:

          Me Bar on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway, on top of La Quinta Inn. You would have to work with a caterer for this venue they don't serve food, but the management is very helpful and accomodating, and they might even have suggestions for catering. The space is a rooftop patio, very Nantucket-beachy and relaxed with great views. Very reasonable drinks.

          230 Fifth on 26th and Fifth Ave. Gorgeously gaudy, perfectly acceptable "Malaysian" food, great service, best rooftop bar in the City. Better for weeknights than weekends.

          The Delancey on Delancey between Clinton and Norfolk. Great rooftop bar on the second floor above street level, interesting urban oasis views of the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge, all this plus a giant koi pond and palm trees. BBQ capabilities. They also have catering recommendations.

          I know this is the Manhattan board, but oh well... The Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria. The outdoor picnic space is the size of a whole city block, and it's actually a very pleasant walled in garden with trees. They have an outdoor grill serving the basics, but they do have really excellent grilled sausages from Greenpoint (maybe it's not exactly Czech, but Polish food is close enough I suppose). Some of the best beer in the city, unbelievably fresh, and great European selections.

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