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Apr 10, 2007 12:46 PM

Happy Hour Specials in Richmond, VA

I recently relocated to Richmond, Virginia from Charlottesville, Virginia and I am finding that there are many happy hour specials at restaurants and bars that are unknown to me and other people. I am finding myself in places and think, "I should come back on Tuesday between 7 and 9 for the dinner or drink special." One reason that these specials are unknown is the laws that prohibit advertising of alcoholic drinks. It would be nice- in my opinion, if we developed a list of specials, locations, and quality which would serve as an underground guide. It would assist me in planning my evenings out. Does anyone have information about these specials that they are willing to share?

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  1. Flemings has "First Monday" wine tasting events. The first Monday of each month from 5-7 (I think those are the hours).

    1. I vacationed in Virginia Beach and we dined at Fire & Vine on a few occasions. They run happy hour 7 days a week from 4:30PM - 7:30PM. I know at the bar they offer Woodfired Pizzas for $5 as well as beer, wine, liquor specials. Bar was packed both nights we were there.

      1. Check out this article:

        I'm not sure how exhaustive it is, but it's a start!

        1. A few from me:
          Extra Billy's on Broad Street offers draft beers for $1.99 and one free appetizer daily. Appetizer quality varies, but hey, it's free!
          Bandito's has $1.50 Tecate's as well as deals on draft brews and margaritas (I think)
          Not happy hour, but Acacia has half-priced bottles of wine on Tuesday.
          I know of other places that offer happy hour (Easy Street, Weezie's Kitchen, Starlite, but can't remember exactly what the specials are...)

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            4-7 $3 high balls at starlite, tuesday's $2 rails all night, thursday $2 rails at helen's all night, $5 martini happy hour at davis and main. $3 rails $2 domestic beers at empire 4-7pm, free red bull and dance party thursdays, mojos "richmond special" fridays, (pbr and a shot of bourbon for $5). there are so many! $3 margaritas at banditos during happy hour. Tequila tuesdays there too, a flight to taste is 1/2 price

          2. empire has $2 drinks from 10-2 am on wednesday, monday $1 pbrs, thurs $2 miller lite