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Apr 10, 2007 12:34 PM

Looking for descent places in South Bend/Mishawka

I am moving back to the Michiana area from Washington DC. I know crazy idea! Anyway, I am looking to get out and explore some of the non chain restaurants in the area. Can someone give me some places to try? I am not expecting the best but some decent places to try. I am up for all kinds of new experiences in dining!


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  1. There's a fairly comprehensive discussion in this recent topic here:

    1. LaSalle Grill is the most serious upscale restaurant in South Bend. For more traditional cuisine, check out The Carriage house. Not sure about the hole in the wall or cheaper eats in South Bend. There was an Italian place north of Corby's. Forget the name and not sure if it is still running. For a short road trip, check out places in the New Buffalo, MI area. Also, outside of Gary is Miller Street Bakery and Cafe. Hear good things about it. Good luck. I really do miss Zaytina, Restaurant Eve and the thai joints in Arlington!! It will be great to get back someday.

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        Polito's on Grape Rd. for pizza. Owners are ex-NYC, but the pizza isn't NYC foldable thin, yet it's good thick stuff.

        Fiddler's Hearth downtown: I'm Irish-American and get sick of the professionally Irish, but I like Fiddler's Hearth's Einstein salmon (something like that) entree and its weekend breakfast buffet. Note that the b'fast buffet is the west side of the table. If you take from the east side of the table, you're in the brunch buffet and must pay more.

        We won't return to The Vine, a perfect example of eclectic equaling banal.

        Bonefish exceeded my expectations for a chain restaurant. Very loud, though, and the pushed appetizers and desserts can put the bill through the ceiling.

        There's a deservedly popular pancake house east on Douglas from 31 (933?) and then north just a block or so on...Ironwood? Grape?

        My Saint Mary's College daughter likes the hamburgers at C.J.'s downtown.

        On the advice of some South Bendians, we'll be having said daughter's graduation dinner at Yesterday's in Granger.

        Good luck.

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          When you go to Yesterday's and if you haven't been before, do make sure that you save plenty of room for their amazing desserts!

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            Polito's Garlic pizza is great. We were there last weekend during the Easter visit for the first time. I suspect we will end up alternating that with Bruno's when we go back in the future as Bruno's is frequently the default pizza place for my sweeties crew of friends.

            Fiddlers Hearth is good.We end up there a fair bit when we are in town.

            Mugs, is that breakfast place on the same corner as a florist and a honey baked ham shop? My street names in that area are terrible. If it is, it's name is The Original Pancake House (and the website says it's on Ironwood so this seems like a safe bet). This is actually a chain. We've got 2 in Minneapolis with very different decor but the food is stilll really good in either location here or the one in Mishawaka.

            I'm surprised no one here has mentioned the South Bend Chocolate Company. I've only had candy from there but everything else looks mighty tasty.

            The Mcrees will be opening a sit down restaurant north of the mall sometime in the next year and a half It's still under construction in a belt of high dollar targeted retail space in the same area.

            Union Station in Mishawaka wasn't bad when we went there about 2 years ago.They've got an original Kamm and Shellinger bar which is cool. We were unhappy with the price point because it seemd to cost 2-3 dollars more per dish than the equivalent of what we get in the Twin Cities.

            1. re: doogette

              Oh I had forgotten about SB Choco Co. Their soups and sandwiches and salads are a bit overpriced, but they are tasty. I do love their nonfat hot chocolate though. They're expanding in the near future, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the space next door to the Cafe.

              I just recently found the best pancakes I've ever had - they're in the hole-in-the-wall diner Fat Shirley's aka The White House Restaurant (Twyckenham and Mishawaka, I believe). Some might be scared or intimidated by the fact that it's a greasy diner, but man, those pancakes are amazing.

              1. re: kcchan

                Are you saying they are expanding the SB location or are you talking about the branch location at the big Michigan City outlet mall?

                1. re: doogette

                  They're expanding the SB location downtown.