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Apr 10, 2007 12:32 PM

Mendocino eats?

Hi folks,

GF & I are heading to Mendocino on Friday, staying through Monday, and would love some restaurant tips. The CH search doesn't let me sort by date, and the first results are all pretty old :(

We have reservations at Cafe Beaujolias for dinner on Saturday, and will probably have lunch or dinner at the North Coast Brewing Co in Fort Bragg one day, but we're otherwise wide open. Beaujolais will be our expensive meal, and the rest we would like to be reasonably priced (<$20 for entrees). This looks like it might pose a problem for dinners in Mendocino proper, as all of the menus I've looked at online are pretty pricey.

In particular, good breakfast recs would be welcome.


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  1. Will breakfast be in Mendocino or Fort Bragg? If Fort Bragg, check out Eggheads.

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    1. re: tavmark

      We're staying in Mendocino, so at least 2 of the 3 breakfasts will be there. We do plan on going to Ft. Bragg on day, though, so I'll definitely add Eggheads to my list.

      Thanks for the rec!


    2. The Stanford Inn, just to the south has good eats. All organic, local, most of it from their own garden.