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Apr 10, 2007 11:56 AM

Lunch near 23rd-25th sts and 7th-10th avenues?

I need to find a cool (not expensive nor romantic) lunch place somewhere in chelsea, 23rd-25th sts and 7th-10th avenues. Prefer non-ethnic food. Anything around?


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  1. RUB for bbq
    Half King for pub grub
    Cookshop - not sure if too $$ for you

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    1. re: harrison

      Have heard mixed things about half king.

      Was thinking about Kitchen Market (formerly Bright Food Shop). Seems really good.

      1. re: tennisboy

        Bright Food Shop is the restaurant, Kitchen Market is the grocery store. I've only been to Bright Food Shop for brunch, but I think their brunch is great.

        1. re: tennisboy

          Bright Food Shop is great but they have an ethnic flavor (Asian and Mexican).

        2. re: harrison

          Half king is not half as good as it thinks it is.

          Pepe Giallo on 10th and 25th has super cheap, pretty decent Italian. It's better for cheap romantic dinners, but they serve lunch and I think they still have a lunch special.

        3. May be Tia Pol (10th Ave btw 22nd and 23rd St) for tapas?