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Apr 10, 2007 11:52 AM

Tallahassee~Sushi licious

Being a huge sushi lover I was wondering if anyone in the Tallahassee area has tried the new sushi place off of Kerry Forrest, sushi-licious (sp)??

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  1. I have not. Let me know if you do. I tried the new one on Pensacola street but it wasn't that great.

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      Sumo-sabi is a good substitute for running up to publix for a quick bite of sushi, comparible price and taste. Unfortunatly it doesnt come close to comparing to Osaka....

    2. I live close by and power walk behind the place (how else is a chowhound going to stay svelte?) Sushi being one of the few things I won't/can't eat (long story) I have not eaten there but I do have friends that love sushi and really like Kitcho in Market Square.

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        I recently had a bad experience with Kitcho's. The food was good, but we got completely ripped off in the $$$ department.
        We went for a birthday party. Five of us split, probably 7 rolls, and each of us got charged at least $40 a piece. Not being familiar with the place we couldnt really argue our way out of paying the high bill. So if anyone goes there make sure you write down what you get to avoid this happening to you.

      2. Went to Sushilicious last weekend and it was very good. They serve thai as well as sushi/ japanese dishes. We really liked the owner Lee, who was preparing the sushi (quite effortlessly) and giving us his history. He was the chef at Osaka before going out on his own. He even let us try some fresh tuna that had just come in. We had four big delicious rolls, sashimi, and bbq squid that was excellent. The lettuce wrap appetizers were too spicy and a little dry for me, and were not easy to eat. The sake we tried was a bit expensive ($12 a serving), but we enjoyed it. The restaurant is a bit small, and I don't think they could accomodate a large party, but we sat at the sushi bar and were quite impressed with the sushi making and service. Given the poor service at Kitcho lately, the mediocre and over trendy atmosphere at Masa, we will go to Sushilicious again for our next sushi fix.

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          I'll have to pass this along to my fiance. He loves sushi, but usually resorts to Publix.

        2. We skipped the heavy brunch next door at Ruby Skies on Mothers Day and had an early dinner here. Before we liked Kitcho's but we'll go back to Sushilious again before we go back to Kitcho's. Jasmine downtown is pretty good too.

          1. Sushilicious is the place where you want to go for great sushi. I tried white orchid roll the other night, and it was really good. Also had tuna tataki as my appetizer, accompanied with asahi beer. I really enjoyed it!
            They have plenty specialty rolls you can choose, but if you still can't decide, you can ask the chef to make your special request. Cool.