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Apr 10, 2007 11:50 AM

Houston-Private dining for 70 In December!?

I am in charge of finding a nice restaurant for a work party in Houston..."Nice" must be both fantastic food AND aesthetically pleasing (for those who are more interested in form over function!). Thanks!

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  1. Hmm. Try La Colombe D'Or. Book quickly, though. They are close to the university fo St Thomas, off montrose. Food's phenomenal, as is the decor.
    Alternately, the restaurant in Hotel Derek is said to be wonderful and interesting to be in.

    1. Hi. I had a large gathering at Ouisie's and the food and service as well as the ambiance were great.

      1. I am pretty picky and went to a wedding reception at Maggianno's on Post Oak and it was seriously impressive. That was a huge party and they did such a tremendous job with the food and the service. I was skeptical before we went, but was a fan and lover within 3 seconds. The Houstonian is also gorgeous for parties and the ones I have been to there have been phenomenal.
        My old company took us to Vincent's on West Dallas one year for our Christmas dinner and there were about 80 of us - they did a good job and I know most people loved it. My only issue was my filet mignon was overcooked, but the service was great and we still had a great night. I'm sure if I said something to the waiter they would have taken care of my overcooked filet but I didn't and had a good time and enjoyed everything else regardless.