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Best subs

I was wondering where the best deli's or subs in boston area are

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  1. Carl's in Waltham has the craziest, biggest, best steak bombs.

    Here's the phatom gourmet review - http://www.phantomgourmet.com/Showpag...

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      I've seen plenty of gripes about Carl's on this board, mostly regarding their rolls being way too soft and the fillings being more concerned with quantity than quality, though I've never been, myself. Be forewarned also that there is no place inside to sit and eat there, which in this chilly weather is daunting.

      If you're getting a sub in Waltham, I'd very strongly recommend Domenic's. Other good places for subs I can suggest via experience include Tutto Italiano and Dino's (North End) and Half Shell (Cambridge). Note, though, that Dino's subs are gigantic and a little expensive.

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        Dino's is the place at the corner of Salem and Prince, yes? Wow, their sandwiches are good! We tend not to think of them when we're down there shopping or whatnot, but you remind me that they're well worth a stop.

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          I second Tutto Italiano-- whenever we're in the metrowest area, we swing through Wellesley to eat at that location. I regularly get the meatball parm, which is suberb-- fresh and crusty roll, really well-seasoned meatballs, fresh homemeade sauce. Occasionally I vary the routine but everything I've had is quite good. They have a half-dozen locations, including one in the North End.

      2. There's a place on Cambridge Street in Cambridge, between Harvard and Inman Squares, called Mona Lisa. It's right next door to Skendarian's Apothecary. Their basic Italian sub is my personal favorite in the area: simple, unpretentious, not showy or flashy, but carefully and skillfully prepared. My one gripe is that the last time we were there, they had (I hope temporarily) dropped the crusty roll it had been served on (think of that almost baugette-like roll a bahn mi is served on) in favor of a more standard sub roll. Still a fine version, though.

        1. My very favorite is D'agastino's. Technically not in Boston - but not that far out either. Both the Winchester Center and Arlington Heights locations are consitently wonderful, inexpensive and have been for over 25 years. They use Boarhead cold cuts, and lots of them, they don't skimp. Plus they slice all meat/cheese to order. Living in Cambridge - I have been known to take the 77 bus just to get one. The italian is my sub of choice.

          (FYI - the Arlington location is almost next door to Penzey's Spices.)


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            Some good recs from previous posters but I will say it really depends on the type of sub you're looking for. Different spots excel with different sandwiches. ie. Looking for chicken parm? Head to the North End and grab one at Il Panino Express, Artu, or Dinos. Steak and cheese? People do have great things to say about Carls in Waltham, or even Cheddars over by Alewife. Just regular cold subs with premium meats like Boars Head? Go to Lamberts on Morrissey Blvd. They are more than generous with the meat --each sandwich is easily two meals. Really quality meats and all subs are one price...no extra charges for cheese, assorted toppings, etc. The chicken salad is excellent too.
            So yeah, sort of depends what you are looking for...those are some of my favorites.

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              So thought it was I time actually tried a sub at Carl's instead of mentioning second-hand info; got a small steak-cheese-onions-peppers-mushrooms. And it was good, though whether I'd make a special trip there again is hard to say.

              The big gripe I had is that the bun is indeed soft, not the ideal pairing with a stuffing this hearty. The filling however was very good. They use fresh mushrooms where most others of this ilk use canned, while the peppers and onions are also fresh, in large pieces, and stand up to the rest nicely. The meat is perfectly fine, and surprisingly the whole thing was not the greasy mess most other such subs often are. And despite being a "small" sub, it was huge.

              The caveat about waiting for good weather before you go still holds, as you have to either eat outside or do take-away -- there's absolutely no place to sit inside.

          2. This isn't for Boston proper, but there are some good rec's for the surrounding areas in this htread.


            1. The Fresh Cheese Shop (On Endicott, North End) makes great subs. No menu per se, just pick from their fab selection of salami, meats and cheeses, and they'll make a sub for you.

              1. For Boston proper - great subs at Al Capone's. Yes, cheesy name, but great subs. They're big enough for 2 very hungry people. I love their steak and cheese, and friend of mine needs to get her Italian fix at least once a month.

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                  Al Capone's, i had forgotten about that place. I remember they were delicious and HUGE. Friendly staff also, a few places to sit inside.

                2. Bob's in Medford. Their subs are amazing...

                  1. Little Chuck's in Reading....fantastic Italian!

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                      The best subs i have ever eaten ,by a mile came from a guy that had a shop in Boston,then moved to N.M.,his name was Bob Cinelli, he hand picked his produce,always fresh ripe tomato,cut his lettuce very thin on a meat slicer,used really good pickles,and high quality meat and cheese the onions, pickles..etc were all cut up into small cubes,then the whole thing was piled high on a hoagie type roll,then drenched in his own dressing,the best was the Roast Beef,and sharp Provolone ,which he called the "Astronaut" ...man I'd give anything for one of those now...sadly he passed away about 15 years ago.

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                        The Linden Store in Wellesley has a cult following!

                    2. Botega in Coolidge Corner- not the place for a massive steak and cheese, but wonderfully fresh deli meat and the focaccia bread is amazing. I go here all the time b/c I'm close, but it's definitely worth a stop.