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Apr 10, 2007 11:25 AM

Happy Hour Asheville

Any good happy hour places to frequent with drink specials and/or food

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  1. "happy hour" isn't something you'll find much around here. some places feature drink specials on a daily basis. my go to for cheap drinks is lucky otter; potent $3.50 margaritas everyday, bloody marys and mimosas on sundays (both $3.50 as well, i believe). food's decent.

    better bet is to look for "early bird" dining specials; eat cheap, pay full price for drinks.

    1. Happy Hours are illegal in this county. However, Charlotte Street Pub tends to have good daily specials. Only problem is it is VERY smokey. I'm sure there are others, but that is the only one I can think of at the moment.

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      1. re: SixMileDrive

        happy hour is illegal every where in nc. specials have to last all day long not just 5-7, 6-8

      2. On this note, what about great patio/outdoor spots perfect for enjoying drinks and appetizers? Only spots I know of are Mellow Mushroom and maybe Sunny Point? Seems like a waste of good weather and great people-watching potential. Let me know what I am missing as this is one of my favorite spring/summer pasttimes!

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        1. re: miss piggy

          Old Europe...Flying Frog upstairs, Carmel's, .....

          1. re: leahinsc

            Absolutely ...the corner of Haywood and Battery Park where Flying Frog's bar is. Best people watching ever. I'm not too sure about apps, though.

            Grove Park is a hell of a spot to have drinks and vegetate.

          2. re: miss piggy

            usual suspects on Merrimon is nice to sit outside, also Wild Wings and don't forget thirsty Thursdays and McCormick field, there are a few people there who actually watch the game.

            1. re: miss piggy

              Jolie Rouge on College St. has a nice patio with good people watching. However, unless things have changed recently, they don't serve food, only drinks.

              1. re: miss piggy

                The Boathouse over on Long Shoals has a great patio with a lake view, but no foot traffic for people watching, so it depends on what you're more interested in.

              2. So no places in Asheville have drink specials?

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                1. re: mustardgirl

                  I think there are plenty of places with drink and food specials like the ones mentioned above or you can look at or the take 5 section of what I believe people are trying to impress on you is that there is no such thing as "happy hour" here.

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                    Most of the bars have drink specials. An bar, if they choose to run a special, must, by law run the special for the entire time they are open that day as opposed to between 4-6 only. The mountain express is a great place to look, these weekly papers can be found just about everywhere. Including online.