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Apr 10, 2007 11:05 AM

Cooking w/microwave

Long story the midst of a move I will be left with a fridge and microwave for about 2 months (like I said...long story). I am an avid cooker...can't stand eatting out. Anyone have any ideas besides sandwiches, salads, soups!!!

Worse comes to worse I might end up in an extended stay that may have a range top.....

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  1. There was an episode of Ham on the Streets that dealt with microwave cookery. I haven't tried any of the recipes though. You can also make a decent creme caramel in the microwave which leads me to believe that you can make many custard based dishes in the microwave, like quiches sans crust or maybe stratas. You can cook pasta in the microwave, though the texture won't be al dente, and you can probably make raw sauces for it like pesto or a frest tomato sauce. Good luck on your microwave cooking.

    1. The microwave is my preferred method for cooking asparagus - put on a plate, drizzle with a little water, cover with plastic wrap, and nuke for a minute or two. And artichokes - wash, wrap with plastic wrap, and zap for 5-7 minutes. But two months of just these veggies would get pretty old.

      How about going to a thrift store or garage sale for an electric skillet or a crockpot or a rice cooker (which is good for more than just rice) or a toaster oven?

      Electric skillet/burner ideas:

      Crockpot ideas:

      Rice cooker for more than just rice (cookbook review):


      1. Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? When I first moved to LA, all our cookware came two weeks later. We lived on TJ's frozen foods, sushi, and take-out. One thing that's very good is TJs 'Just Grilled Chicken Strips.' It's simply grilled chicken lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and cut into pieces. It comes in a ziploc bag, so you can heat up one portion at a time.

        I would take a portion, heat it for 1.5 minutes, place inside a tortilla with TJs cuban black beans, heat for another minute, and stuff with salsa and whatever other burrito stuff I liked.

        It's not as good as grilling your own meat, but it is MUCH better than the prepackaged Tysons stuff at the big grocery stores.

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          I just googled Trader Joe's in Albuquerque (this is where I will be and have NO clue about the area) and they have one in town! I am sooo excited! Definitely have to try your ideas out and let you know how they go! (and how the bf likes them)

        2. I love to cook fish fillets in the microwave. Wrapped in plastic or in a dish, it comes out like steamed fish. Add your favorite seasonings, mine are capers and lemon juice or my backyard Thai herbs (lemon grass, lime leaf, onion chives and basil or mint, hot peppers, garlic). Timing is very quick, start with 1 minute a side or less. First side should be just cooked on the edges and uncooked center. I usually do 30 sec or less increments on the second side.

          Any kind of veggies, too.

          1. If you add a toaster oven, you'll do fine. I have a theory that you can cook almost ANYTHING with a toaster oven and a microwave.

            However - in a microwave, you can do baked potatoes, veggies, etc - anything that doesn't require browning.