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Apr 10, 2007 10:55 AM

Local Foods for a gift

I am going to visit my friend who moved from Austin to NYC. I will be her houseguest for a few days and want to take her some local goodies she may be missing. What local food items (from shops or restaurants) should I take? They must be things I can take on a plane.

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  1. Ruby's BBQ/Stubb's BBQ sauce, Austinuts,Kerbey Ln pancake mixes,these are just a few things that come to mind. If you go to Breed & Co. (two locations - one on 29th and Guadalupe and the other Bee Caves (?)) the folks in the housewares area can help you out/direct you as they kinda specialize in that sort of thing and carry a lot of local stuff like Hudson's on the Bend sauces and what not.

    1. Tito's! And maybe some Mary Louise Butter's brownies.

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        I have been thinking about this also. I also came up with Julio's seasoning. It is good to spice up a bag of chips and outstanding for making guacamole.

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          El Chile's salsa, which you can purchase at the P&K grocery, is a good one.

      2. Hudson's on the Bend sauces are unique. Austin's Best hot sauce. If it's the right time of year and you have a little room a mini-basket of Stonewall peaches. Pure Luck goat cheese (in NYC obviously they can get great cheese, but I think Pure Luck is excellent). And, not food, but if they enjoyed the restaurant maybe the cookbook from Fonda.

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          In the cookbook category you might also consider the Soup Peddler's book...can't remember the title at the moment....but its available at Book People among other local stores.