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Apr 10, 2007 10:27 AM

Lola in Soho

After all the hype about their liquor controversy have they actually opened yet and if so are they any good? Anyone been? I think their website was

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  1. I last walked by there on Thursday I think. Did not even look close to open - still papered up, haven't seen much work going on. Will look closer in next few days. I would look on - I'm sure they will be all over it.

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      1. Actually it looks like it has been pushed back to June 9th according to a blurb in NYMag. And they've had another turn of events:

        "executive Top Chef toque Dave Martin packed up his knives and left. Stepping into the breach to oversee Lola’s Cajun-Creole-inspired kitchen and resuscitate its much-missed 100-spice fried-chicken-and-Sunday-gospel brunch is Jennifer Printz, a veteran of Payard and Le Cirque."

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        1. bumping this up to ask if anyone has been to Lola now that they are open.

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            went there last night. delicious food. my group had the fried chicken w/ mac n cheese, shrimp & grits, bayou pirogue and creole calamari and all were perfectly done... none of the fried stuff was too greasy. they do have a liquor license. and, the service was extremely friendly.

            my only complaint would be the vibe which was very out of place for that area of soho... more banquet hall atmosphere with busts in most corners and dated pop-y r&b on the sound system. they're still working on getting approval for live music (jazz / gospel) from a community group that's made even opening up a nightmare... but if/when that does happen, should make for a better ambiance. imho.

            so, definitely a great choice for food. and if the atmosphere is what you're in to... even better!

            1. re: thievery

              I wanted to add my update now that my husband and I gave Lola a try. The staff are very nice and the decor is fun, although I have to agree with thievery about the banquet hall atmosphere.

              Our food was very good. I had the shrimp and grits, which was a generous portion that came out a bit on the cold side. That was a surprise since we were one of the few tables dining. My husband had the fried chicken, which was delicious. BUT the portion was astonishingly small for the price they charge. He got one chicken breast and a side (I think it was potato salad) and his dish cost about $25. It was really outrageous.

              I wish they would adjust their price points, because until they do we won't go back. We spent $13 for a calamari appetizer. It was good, but the price is way too steep for a standard appetizer. Our entrees were both in the mid-twenty dollar range and, for what we received, just too expensive.

              Again, the food was all good and the service was fine, but at those prices there are several restaurants in Soho I would rather try or revisit, places that have great food and atmosphere at the same price. It is sad to see a restaurant sitting virtually empty night after night (we live in the neighborhood), but I really believe the prices are the reason.

              1. re: megaepicure

                I have to agree with you megaepicure with one caveat. Our food was not good. Although I believe you should ALWAYS try for yourself, I like to read reviews and write them just to discover how astonishingly similar people's taste are. I think the owners are just realizing the power of the internet and instead of listening to the people, they are determined. Oh well.... If you have had a good dining experience here, I say that is great! I so wish I could say that too! But, in good conscience, I can't. No one, wants to see a person's efforts or dreams collapse. Sure, its a nice place but $25 for a small piece of fried chicken which isn't good? We won't be returning.