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Apr 10, 2007 10:18 AM

Self-Contained Ice Cream Maker Question

I recently purchased a Simac Il Gelataio Super gelato/ice cream maker, all is well, but I did have some questions. If my questions seem a little strange it's because i'm coming from a Krups freezer bowl style machine.

1) Do you still pre-chill your mixture with your self-refrigerated ice cream maker?

2) How long should it take for the machine to make the bowl freezing cold?


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  1. I have the musso lussino (sp?) which is a similar, self contained unit. Sometimes I prechill the mixture, sometimes not. It isn't actually necessary (the machine will chill it fine even starting out warm, but it takes longer). The texture will be better prechilled (particularly if it has a higher butter fat content becuase too much churning can result in little flakes of fatty butter fat sometimes). Usually just chilling to room temp is enough to avoid this (or if it's a sorbet or other recipe with less fat, then you don't need to chill). Also, they say that flavors "meld" better when it's allow to chill for a while before freezing. As for time for freezing the bowl, i'm not sure what you mean. If you mean getting it cold or freezing the ice cream? THe ice cream freezes for me in from 20 minutes to 30 minutes usually. The bowl itself gets cold pretty quickly, but i don't wait for the bowl to be cold before I put in the mixture. hope this helps. I really love my ice cream machine and I hope you do too!

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      I think that more or less answered my question. I know some recipes have you chill the mixture before putting it into the machine, I wasn't certain it was completely necessary with the built-in refrigeration. I have heard of some "aging" the mixture, but I didn't know how that impacted in the end. Makes sense that you would want your fruit to "steep" a bit.