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Apr 10, 2007 10:12 AM

What's better than Per Se?

My boyfriend took me to Per Se for my b-day. Now his b-day is coming up and I need to find a place that will top Per Se. I am looking for something in Manhattan so French Laundry is out. Please help! Thanks!!!!

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  1. I'm not trying to be funny here, but nothing is better than Per Se, in my opinion. So topping it is out of the question.

    I wonder if instead he would be into a completely different but still adventurous outing. I'm thinking Peter Lugers or Degustation.

    If you're trying for 4-star, I would say Le Bernadin or JG, but as fantastic as those places are (and they ARE), you won't top Per Se.

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      Tasting Room
      Le Bernadin

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        those places are all great, but not even close to Per Se, imho. There are definitely those that will not agree, but Per Se was the best dining experience I've ever had, hands down. Jean Georges comes closest in my experience- amazing food, near perfect service that wasn't too stuffy. Daniel is a nice overall experience, but I wasn't impressed with the food, and found it really stuffy. I didn't have a good experience at Veritas, but many on this board really like it. But it is not in the same league. Babbo may work, the food is wonderful, but the atmosphere is not very formal. Le B has amazing fish, but again the atmosphere is lacking. So, to make a long story short, i guess JG is my vote!

    2. Perhaps a visit to Sushi Yasuda could fill the bill. Reserve a spot at Yasuda's station and let the master choreograph your evening. Your wallet will take a considerable hit but the experience should stack up favourably to Per Se without competing with it.

      1. I am also in the can't top per se camp. I would second the recs for Babbo or Yasuda for a still excellent meal but completely different from Per Se.

        1. I agree with the other posters - you won't top per se in terms of a restaurant experience. Therefore, have you thought about doing something completely different? (cooking a special dinner with a REALLY nice bottle of champagne, having a picnic on your rooftop if the weather is warmer, etc.)

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            In NYC, you can't really but you could try with Masa. A completely different but equally unique once in a lifetime type expierence or maybe Blue Hill at the Stone Barns.....or maybe Joel Rubuchon...Le Bernidin or JG will pale in comparison to Per Se....

          2. From the fact that you want to "top it," I'm guessing you're both adventurous eaters? Why not try WD-50?

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              Oh thank heavens ... I was almost afraid to post my shout out for WD-50, one of my NYC favorites. Also a big fan of Blue Ribbon (NB: no reservations) ... bone marrow on toast points, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....