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Apr 10, 2007 09:59 AM

Nice late dinner place for party of 25?

I am trying to find a nice/decent place to host a graduation party next month. The ceremony ends by 9 pm so I need a place that opens until 11 pm or midnight. I tried Scholz Garten but they are full that night. They refered me to Green Mesquite and I have reserved there for the time-being. I've never been there and by the pictures on-line I prefer a nicer place than that. Any suggestions? Family and friends from Mexico are coming. Thanks!

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  1. You might try Zax Pint's and Plates on Riverside and Barton Springs. They may strike a balance between upscale and Green Mesquite. Both of the co-owners, Jeffrey and Mike, are on hand most nights. I would go up to the bar and ask the barkeep for them, and see what they say.

    1. The Green Mesquite is a very casual BBQ place. I know:
      Malaga serves food until midnight
      Moonshine until 11pm
      Uchi until 11 pm
      Eddie V's unitl 11pm

      1. I would check with Moonshine or Dona Emilia's, they are a bit nicer and have lovely outdoor seating. Also the bar downstairs or the ourdoor courtyard of Habana on sixth street might be a nice option. Parking is going to be challenging at all these places. One other thought is Mars, then you would not have the parking problem and their menu has a wide variety of choices.

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          Moonshine & Dona Emilia's both have valet parking

        2. what night of the week are you aiming for? that will really make a difference in terms of which restaurants will be able to accomodate you.

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          1. We recently had a wedding reception dinner at La Terraza located on Oltorf on a Friday night. They also have mariachi's on Friday nights. They stay open until midnight. They also did not charge for the room. We had a fajita buffet. Just a suggestion.