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Apr 10, 2007 09:55 AM

Mifune open in Arlington Center

I walked by yesterday and grabbed a take-out menu. They're having a 20% discount Grand Opening Special until the end of May.

The menu is trying to be all things to all people, it seems. The range is from a long sushi menu to standard Chinese to Jamaican chicken salad to grilled sirloin with Merlot sauce. I'm eager to see what they wind up doing well. That's quite a range for a small place.

Location is on Broadway a couple of doors down from CVS - used to be Vietnamese.

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  1. I hope they do well, though they will really need to get the word out, as that location has very little foot traffic. Several businesses have come and gone in that location over the years, including Viets Cafe and Luigi's.

    1. We went to Mifune for lunch last Saturday. While the food probably won't blow anyone away, it is a solid addition to the neighborhood, and IMO way better than Viet Cafe (sorry, I know some people liked it, but I thought it was horrible). The 20% off deal combined with lunch pricing = very cheap lunch. We ordered pork lo mein off the Chinese(American) side of the menu. I know, I know, it's a guilty pleasure. And there is no other takeout place in Arlington that makes edible lo mein, so it was a test. The lunch special came with an egg roll, hot and sour soup, and fried rice. I'm happy to report that the lo mein was tasty and I don't have to resort to making it myself to get my fix anymore! We also had some kind of maki/nigiri assortment that came with miso soup. It had six pieces of California roll, and shrimp, tuna, octopus, salmon, and some other kind of fish nigiri (can't remember). It was all good, although I'm a sushi novice (as you can tell from my tame order). All I know is that it didn't taste fishy and it was good enough to make me decide that I really like sushi. So based on one visit, it seems like a promising place to get Chinese-American takeout and decent sushi. Our final bill was about $12. I almost felt guilty it was so cheap. One minor quibble: they have white tablecloths, which I think is weird at a place where lunch costs $12 for two people.

      1. Did you happen to notice if they have beer and wine, or if not, if they allow BYOB? I think Arlington is a dry town. Thanks.

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          Yes, the menu says beer & wine.

          Arlington has had restaurant beer & wine licenses for several years now, which is one reason the restaurant scene is booming. Still no liquor stores, but the restaurateurs convinced the town to issue a few beer & wine licenses a while back. When the feared calamities (drunk driving, mostly) did not occur, they issued a few more, etc.

          1. re: peregrine

            I went to Mifune this evening with a couple of friends, and we all thought the food was excellent, from the appetizers such as the fried calamari and the shrimp tempura, which were both out of this world. The sushi was wonderful, we tried the California and Philadelphia roll. I even thought the salad was good, wonderful ginger dressing. The service was excellent, the waitress was always checking in to make sure everything was ok, and the owners even stopped by to introduce themselves. Needless to say, I highly recommend this place, if this is the beginning things can only get better.

            1. re: Foodjunkie08

              I went for lunch with a friend on Friday. We had bento lunchboxes, she had beef teriyaki and I had salmon teriyaki as main dishes. The sushi & maki were very fresh, as was the salad. Nice veggie dumplings and various other tidbits - a very generous lunch, tasty, attentively served. We shared a ginger icecream for dessert. Next time I'll try the red bean, and there will definitely be a next time.

              Generous portions, reasonable prices, good food, good service, what else do you want? Even when the 20% discount ends, it will be a good value. There was a sizeable crowd. The word is getting around.