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Apr 10, 2007 09:42 AM

Looking for Lithuanian Food in GTA

Does anyone know any restaurants in the GTA that either specialize in Lithuanian food or at least serve Lithuanian dishes?

Unfortunately all I can seem to find online are restaurants in Chicago.

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  1. There are none in the GTA.

    HOWEVER, the Lithuanian Hall at 1573 Bloor St. W. (416-532-3311) serves koldunai and cepelinai every Sunday starting around noon. It's not as good as mama's, but it'll do in a pinch. lol

    Also, the Lithuanian church in Mississauga (located in the Hurontario/QEW area - Stavebank road maybe? Can't remember the real name - Lithuanians call it Anapilis) and the Resurrection Parish in Etobicoke (north side of Bloor between Islington and Kipling) both serve Lithuanian food after mass on Sundays (11 am-ish).

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      What about a non Lithuanian restaurant that serves similar foods like Kugelis, Cepelini, Perogis, Beet soup, etc?
      Also FYI for anyone interested in cooking Lithuanian, I like these sites...
      and (I'll be trying the mushrrom cookie recipe for my wedding favours!)

      1. re: karenb

        I will definitely look into that!!

        Thank you.

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          Trust me. I've looked. The best I can offer is Amber in Bloor West Village, but they'll only have Perogies and beet soup.

          I have converted an Anglo friend into the fold, and we spend a long-weekend once a year making koldunai for ourselves. Using my mom's recipe of course! Our last forage yielded 2000!

        2. re: Davedigger

          Thank you for the tips. I do apprecaite them. (are you Lithuanian?)

          I've eaten at both those places at those I was stuck at those locations for various reasons throughout my life (church, funerals, etc) (Yes, I am Lithuanian). Unfortunately, Sundays are my sleep in days and I'm really looking for somewhere to eat on a Saturday that is my eat out night with one of my friends. We've eaten at restaurants that cater to his background (ok, Portuguese isn't too hard, lol), and wanted to find ones that catered to mine.

          1. re: Fetter

            Yes. My parents both came from Lithuania and I actually went to kindergarten not speaking a word of English.

        3. My husband is Lithuanian and I've looked for Lithuanian food in Toronto with no success. Maybe we will try going to that Lithuanian Hall as it is close to our house. I would like to have it in a regular restaurant though, I guess we will have to go to Chicago.

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          1. I heard that they have recently renovated the bar at Lithuanian House on Bloor and are now serving food..but I can't guarantee it because I haven't had a chance to go you might want to try calling them first :)

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            1. re: Christina_KerrFarms

              They have renovated, and they've always served the food in the bar on Sundays. If there were leftovers, they would serve the leftovers for how ever many days they lasted. Again, not so great.

              1. re: Davedigger

                there is a lithuanian deli that sells all sorts of goodies on dundas st west between jane st and runnymede road on the north side. Supposedly they have a potato grating machine that makes making kugelis and cepelinai alot easier.

            2. Are you familiar with the Sunday brunch at the Latvian Centre on Credit Union Drive? (Bermondsey and Eglinton) I confess I don't know much about Lithuanian food, but I bet there are similarities. The Latvian brunch, or "azaids," is from 11:30 to 2:30 on Sundays and costs $15, excluding alcohol and cakes (and you really have to try the cakes, especially the mocha meringue).
              Unfortunately, they only serve until Mother's Day weekend and will likely be busy until then. Might be a good idea to make a reservation.

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