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Apr 10, 2007 09:37 AM

Grand Haven Goodies

Just sittin' here reminiscing about the yumm yumm yummy food I eat when I go to Grand Haven (seasonally).

On the way in: Got to stop by Cobb's. I always get some legs and some fried clams...both fav's of mine...

First night: Take home pizza from K2 Kirby Grill...SOOO yummy and so many options! I personally did NOT care for the Clover Bar pizza...though my dad swears by it....

Morning: The Dee-light....ahhh the Dee-light...i've been going there for over 20 years now...its used to be so rickety! But the farmer's omelette has always stayed the more for the full order and enjoy for the next two days! The french toast is my fav. though. I have yet to eat a different meal there though I am VERY intrigued!

Night: Snug Harbor. Seafood Linguine...yum.

Any other suggestions?

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    1. The Snug's a pretty fair option in the evening. For us, no visit to GH is complete withouta Fricano's pizza and a wet burrito from Tip a Few. No corndog fan, but the summer isn't complete without a Pronto Pup. Someone mentioned an Asian place that I've not seen yet, but haven't been to GH in more than a year.

    2. Thali Bistro - Sri Lankan food - great fun.

      1. I haven't been to Grand Haven since 1989, but I still remember getting a Pronto Pup corn dog. It was a must have on the way home from the beach. Yum!

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          I'll have to try that! Is that right next to Snug Harbor? Also, have to second the tip-a-few...comepletely forgot about it!!

        2. As a native grand havener, I'd recommend actually The Morning Star Cafe for breakfast over the Dee-light. Dee-light is overpriced and not nearly as good in terms of quality and variety I believe.

          Classic places to go to for a faster meal are Ray's and Butch's Beach Burritos. Ray's is a real old fashioned burger joint where there's only standing room to order and no place to sit but the burgers, frys, and especially the shakes (like 10 kinds) are all amazing and really cheap. Butch's is down by the beach near the boardwalk and definitely worth heading to -

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          1. The original comment has been removed