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Apr 10, 2007 09:34 AM

I have $550 and a reservation at me!

Been saving all year to celebrate the anniversary of not dying in a motorcycle accident! I call it "Life Day".

Saturday will be my second time at Providence. Last time we did the nine course TM. I was thinking chef's TM (but can't get the chef's table with only 2 people on Saturday) or perhaps ordering off the market menu.

Which way to go? I am allergic to nuts, which they already know and can adapt for-they did well last year of not "nutting" me (eew, bad pun), and I know will do well this year.

Should I go Chef's TM? Can I afford it?

Should I order off the menu?

Also, I'll save 10%, because I reserved "THe worst table in the house"-a deal I heard about in LAT. Anyone have any guesses as to which table this is?

Do you think if the Chef's table is free, they'll treat me?

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  1. Well, first I would tackle the allergy issue, usually a phone call to give the chef a heads up will do. As far as the chefs table, thats probably not an option considering your going to be 2 pp.
    Now the good news is you have plenty of room to play around as far as money goes, the last time I checked the TM with wine pairing is 140 pp so you should be fine.

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    1. re: Eye_carl

      You can order the chef's tasting menu at any table, it isn't just for the chef's table.

    2. $550?! -- my guidance would be keep driving a few miles and treat yourself to Urasawa...

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      1. re: jcwla

        $550 doesn't go very far for 2 at urasawa!

        1. re: Diana

          it'll be just fine at providence. get the full tasting menu with the wine pairings. they're really doing a great job with them.

      2. Anyone had a TM recently? What's on the Market menu and tasting menus? I know the Chef's TM is different from the 9 course TM..but not quite how....

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        1. re: Diana

          Providence – 3/24/07

          Michael’s cuisine has really evolved; his dishes are compelling, creative, complex with many ingredients, but focused. You don’t feel that there is a war going on with his dishes, as there is an underlying harmony.

          Maine Oyster with yuzu lime foam and zest, seaweed nectar and julienne of red onion – what made this dish superb was the yuzu lime foam

          Shrimp cocktail – cocktail sauce chip, celery, cocktail sauce consommé – we were instructed to eat the chip first, then the celery, then the prawn and finally wash it down with the consommé. This was a stunning dish. The chip was absolutely fabulous – a crunchy cracker that exploded cocktail sauce in your mouth. An absolute wow.

          Aori ika – cuttlefish roulade of Perigord black truffles, black truffle vinaigrette, and a jelly of green chive made with agar. The combination of the cuttlefish and truffle was perfect. The dish was reminiscent of a Thomas Keller dish – less is more.

          King Crab poached in Jurason wine with petit pois, reduction of Jurason wine with ginger juice, pea tendrils with small julienne of crispy deep-fried ginger on top – again pristine ingredients handled with finesse and the quintessence of spring.

          Tarragon-butter poached Maine Lobster – on the bottom were sliced organic yellow beets, then the poached lobster with a cover of a gel sheet of yellow beets (again made with agar) and on top Alverta President caviar (from mature, white sturgeon farmed in Northern California) and crispy tarragon – an elegant, artistic dish that tasted as good as it looked.

          Sautéed Foie Gras, rhubarb chip, braised rhubarb, lemon grass emulsion (citronnelle acidule) with a lemon and vegetable stock, mizuna – this was a hefty piece of foie without one hint of stringiness – it just melted in your mouth.

          Roasted New Zealand John Dory, Carrot and Vadouvan sauce, Braised Purple Haze Carrot, Broccolini. The carrot and Vadouvan sauce was in a word delicious. I am not sure what the green puree is and additionally my notes say something about sherry reduction and coco nib.

          Sweetbreads, Chinese 5 spice powder, sautéed Japanese spinach, applewood smoked bacon, pistachio, freeze-dried apricot “chips”. There were 2 sauces – star anise and Australian pepper berry glaze. This was a very aromatic dish with a gentle kick from the 5-spice powder, star anise and pepper

          Columbia River Salmon Belly, Washington Morels braised in soy, fava beans, asparagus spear, saucing of the braising liquid from the morels and chive/basil oil and on top of the salmon a generous portion of the crispy salmon skin. Again the ingredients ‘screamed” spring with the addition of morels, favas and asparagus. The crispy skin was better than a sushi bar salmon skin. Wonderful.

          Colorado Lamb (saddle and tenderloin) cooked in salted butter, cippolini onions, artichokes, oven-roasted tomatoes, apple wood smoked bacon, watercress and a sauce of lamb jus.

          St. Nectaire, Dome St. Estephe, Pentu de l’Etang and one other cheese that I didn’t get the name.

          “One Bite” – white chocolate lollipop filled with blood orange soda and cardamom

          Kalamansi soda with vanilla ice cream and mango gelee

          Chipolte chocolate cremeaux with corn tortilla and chocolate streusel, pineapple gelee and an emulsion of avocado puree


          Providence is one of the only fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles. It is such a pleasure to dine here.

          1. re: lizziee

            wow! Thanks! Is that the chef's TM?

              1. re: lizziee

                can you order the chef's menu on the spot or do you need to call ahead?
                going there tomorrow night.

                1. re: EKIMS

                  Just to be on the safe side, I would call ahead and let them know you want the full chef's tasting menu.

            1. re: lizziee

              I had the Chef's Tasting Menu on April 2 and it was about 50% different.

              The food was fantastic. You will really be in for a treat on the best of what's in season.

              1. re: sue veed

                I ate there April 7 and it was substantially different. Here's the quick description
                Littleneck clams, lemon gelee, lime espuma
                Tuna/truffle napoleon
                poached octopus with cucumber and shiso
                scallops in pickled plum broth, pink grapefruit
                salt-roasted spot prawn (these last two were absolutely incredible)
                King crab with peas and ginger in jurancon reduction
                lobster with beets and caviar (my least favorite of the night)
                pork belly with apricot-lemongrass sauce and mizuna
                john dory with broccolini
                salmon with white asparagus
                lamb loin with artichokes and bacon
                chipotle creameaux

          2. They have two options for the tasting menu, the full and a subset.

            I did the "smaller" market menu for two with a few glasses of wine for under 250 a few weeks back.

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            1. please report back about the "worst table" after your dinner. i've been wondering about that since the last message on the same subject, without hearing back from the poster. other than that, $550 should be enough for the chef's tm with wine pairings (especially with 10% off?).