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Apr 10, 2007 09:21 AM

Gluten Free Dining

Hi All,

I am looking for restaurant suggestions in San Diego for my fiancee who has a gluten allergy. I know that PF Chang's has a gluten free menu, but are there any other restaurants in town that are as friendly to special diets? I am sure that we can request special accomodations when eating out, but it would be nice to visit restaurants that already understand what "no gluten" means.


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        1. Unfortunately, chains are probably your best bet in this department. You might check out the websites of some chain restaurants that might be convenient to you. I'm trying to think of maybe more health-oriented places that might be friendly to gluten-free dining. In a pinch, you could also go to the deli at whole foods, I'm sure they could figure it out for you.
          Have you found this website yet? Mostly chains, but it's a guide:

          If there's a restaurant you'd like to try, it's worth calling ahead of time to see if they could accomodate you. I'm sure many could do so.

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              A relative has this and swears by Mexican chains such as Pollo Loco or Baja Fresh. So I would think an upscale Mexican would also work. Just stay away from the flour tortillas.