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Apr 10, 2007 09:21 AM

LYON- Anyone tried Nicolas Le Bec?

My husband and I have one night in Lyon, and are thinking about the michelin 2-starred restaurant Nicolas Le Bec. Has anyone been recently? What was your experience?

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  1. I had the chance of meeting Le Bec while living in Lyon, and I did get to sample his food, although at Les Loges. I heard the namesake place was received with mixed reviews, however having attained 2 stars gives him credit. I'd most surely go try the restaurant. Either him or Mathieu Viannay.

    Be sure to stop by Vieux Lyon and hit the "Flying Sommelier". It's a treasure of a wine store and the owner, Georges Dos Santos is one hell of a guy.

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      I have not dined there yet... my first stop in Lyon is always at Leon de Lyon on One rue Pleney... Chef Jean-Paul Lacombe makes my favorite food anywhere in France!

      However, there is so much wonderful food in Lyon....

      If you have a chance try to get over to the blvd Franklin Roosevelt to Bernachon... maybe the most fabulous chocolate shop anywhere in France...