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Apr 10, 2007 09:18 AM

Good food near The Forum?

I'm going to see a show at the Forum in Inglewood tonight and I'm totally unfamiliar with the area. Where can I eat before the show?

I'm not picky about the type of cuisine or the price, just something tasty!

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  1. Pann's for the chicken wings or the patty melt.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I second Pann's. Try the fried chicken wings.

      1. Thanks for the tips everyone - we ended up eating closer to home but I'll keep these in mind for next time. For future reference, Porky's is a block away from the Forum!

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        1. re: hrhboo

          I was about to recommend Porkys. Oh what the heck -- I will anyway. (I wouldn't recommend Buggy Whip, and would choose Porky's over Panns (which isn't all that close to the Forum in any event.))

          1. re: Capybara

            According to Google Mapping it's 2.6 miles from Pann's to the GWF.

            1. re: tony michaels

              Back in the days when I spent at lot of time seeing music at the Forum, I'd go to Sizzler -- which is right across the street. Get to the Forum early for a good parking place and that's it.

              Of course, it's the Sizzler, but it's also the Forum. Seems about right, actually.

              1. re: tony michaels

                True, not terribly far. But Porky's is walking distance, and a couple of years ago it took me over an hour to get to a concert at the Forum from a distance a few hundred yards from Panns. I think that was an unusual circumstance, but I haven't cared to test it again.

                1. re: Capybara

                  Always had an easy drive to the GWF from Pann's when the Lakers were there as most folks don't know that back way into the arena parking lot. Mostly I go to Pann's because no place in LA do wings as good as they do them. In fact we just got back from Pann's and the wings were as good as they ever were. But where the difference really comes is not so much Porky's food which is fine, but in the service. The folks at Pann's are some of the nicest and friendliest people you ever want to meet. From the server's right down to the bus boys. Porky's service has been poor to bad the times we were there. That kills it for me.

                  1. re: tony michaels

                    I really only had that one bad drive time, but it was in the current post-Laker era. I like Pann's (and live in walking distance) but it can get crowded, and while the people are nice, I've often had to wait much longer to be seated than I've ever waited at Porky's to get my food. I also haven't had issues myself with the people at Porky's -- it is an "order at the window for take-out or sit down" kind of place, and while in my experience just a little bit slow but never rude, maybe my experience is too limited.

          2. Try La Brea Pavilion for Chinese