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Favorite Breakfast on the Go?

What is your fave breakfast on the go? I tend to alternate between curried fish balls & rolled rice noodles (sorry, don't know the proper chinese name) from a chinatown street vender on Grand/Christie, and plain old egg-and-cheese on a roll from a columbus circle street vender.

Looking for new morning experiences on my way to work. Suggestions?

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  1. It looks like you usually like a savory breakfast. If you're looking for something sweet, pain au chocolat or croissant at Patisserie Claude, almond croissant at La Bergamote, or some of the rustic breakfast pastry from Rocco's.

    1. One word: Bing.
      (Although veggie samosas are pretty good too - if only I could find a place that makes them early enough)

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        le pain quotidien has nice fresh croissants. they are just about every street now so I thought I'd shout out about them....

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          I thought Roll and Dough didn't open until 10. Are they opening earlier now? If not, 10 a.m. is a little late for breakfast for most people. At any rate, which of their bings do you like for breakfast?

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            I never buy them in the morning, so I don't know - I bulk-buy and freeze them. They're awesome thawed and heated in the toaster oven.

            I either eat the sweet ones (banana, taro) or the veggie ones (spicy or not) - the same ones I'd eat for a snack or dinner.

        2. A quick wrap with scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, maybe some salsa, whatever you have on hand.

          Edited to add: Sorry, didn't realize that you were looking for breakfast food from street vendors!

          1. It's probably not what you are looking for but I've gotten bacon cheeseburgers from Prime Burger and Burger Heaven. The Market Cafe inside Citigroup Center does the best one but the last 2 times I went they wouldn't make it for me.

            1. Coffee and the breakfast baguette with bacon and egg salad from Pret-a-Manger

              1. What do the rolled rice noodles look like and what corner of Grand and Chrystie do they tend to be on?

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                  North side of Grand, between Chrystie & Bowery, although I've seen similar vendors elsewhere in Chinatown.

                  The rice noodles are about 4 inches long and maybe an inch wide. It's like if you took a small sheet of rice noodle material, rolled it tightly, and steamed it. They put four different squirts of sauce on it, including hot sauce and one that tastes sort of peanut-y. There are often other types of toppings besides fish balls, but I have no idea what they are--some kind of meat or mushroom or something. And a medium container is only $2!

                  If there are any hounds who can tell me more about what this is I'd love to know. The vendors' english seems as good as my chinese...

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                    I think it is called Chee Cheong Fan with more info (and other places that sell it) in this post http://www.chowhound.com/topics/37359...

                2. pan tostada and cafe con leche