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Apr 10, 2007 09:17 AM

Grimaldi's Pizzeria [moved from Manhattan board]

I am planning to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and explore Brooklyn on my next trip. Is Grimaldi's one of those "not to be missed" places?

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  1. Yes. The pizza's great and the walk makes the day a homerun.

    1. I think there's the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory close by.
    2. This post will be flagged for being "Outerboroughs" and NOT Manhattan.

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      Oh sorry about "misposting" I am still learning about this blog. Please forgive me and thanks for steering me in the right direction!

    2. The pizza is okay but it's a bit of a tourist trap. The area is interesting to spend a little time and walk around.

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      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        any route I should take or shall I get a map and hope for the best?

        1. re: texann

          It's easy. Number 6 Train to "Brooklyn Bridge", walk across the bridge, and hang a right at the end of the bridge. You'll find it.

          1. re: texann

            Brooklyn is very large and you wont cover much on foot. That being said, when you walk over the Bklyn Bridge, do not continue to the very end of the ramp; instead, take the stairway down at the point when you're in Bklyn. Then Grimaldi's will be within a block or two. Just ask someone which way and look for the around the corner line.

            By the way, it's my neighborhood and I think the pizza there is absolutely not worth it. However, if you're coming into Bklyn for this, after Grimaldi's walk 2 blocks to the water (its obvious) and get some ice cream on the pier. Hang out for the view. Get directions to the Promenade entrance and walk those 4 blocks as well. Go to Atlantic Ave &, if its not Sunday, pop into Sahadi's grocery store (between Henry and Clinton). Well worth it. You'll immediately see why. Have fun.

            1. re: Steve R

              This will actually be our second attempt to see Brooklyn. We did a walking tour (Big Apple Greeters) over the bridge last year and went to Jacques Torres' chocolate shop, the ice cream place was closed (too early) but this time we are bringin our daughter and son-in-law and thought it would be a good outing for them. I was sure Grimadli's was "the" place to go. Is there another place you could recommend for lunch that would add to our adventure? Any shopping within walking distance? Thanks for your prior tips. That is exactly the type information I had hoped for! It will be a week day when we are there.

              1. re: texann

                Keep in mind that the Promenade ends at Remsen St., several blocks away from Sahadi's (check a Brooklyn Heights map to see). Not to say that Sahadi's isn't worth it, but it's a bit of a trek from the Promenade. If you want to explore Brooklyn Heights a bit, wander down Montague St. from the Promenade -- there aren't many "must try" places to snack there, but it's a picturesque commercial street with plenty of life. When you reach Henry St., make a right and walk five blocks south through some very pretty residential streets to Atlantic. Just before you reach Atlantic you'll see a coffeeshop on the left hand side of Henry St. called Tazza -- stop for a beverage if you're thirsty. Once you reach Atlantic Ave., turn left and Sahadi's will be a block and a half up the hill to your left. Not sure what your plans are for getting back to Manhattan, but the Borough Hall subway stop is four blocks back north (left) on Court St., which is the next cross street after Sahadi's. The 4 and 5 trains will bring you right back to where you started on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

                Regarding Grimaldi's: it's not what it once was, but it ain't bad either, and it's still an icon of sorts, even if the wait staff is Eastern European and not Italian. And "must eat" weekday lunch options in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO aren't thick on the ground.

                Enjoy your visit!

                1. re: brooklynr

                  Id say that walking TO the promenade on the north end will take you through some lovely brooklyn heights streets and walking FROM the south end to Sahadi will take you through some others. (make sure you have a map) Montague is definitely skippable. Just zig and zag as you go (dont march right down to Atlantic or over to Court) and you will see mews, grand houses, cool churches, etc. I thing Grimaldi's is good enough for a meal on this kind of a visit especiallly with Almondine, the Ice Cream Factory and Torres nearby. Sahadi and Damascus Bakery (a couple of doors down the same strip) will have snacks to revivify you so that you can either continue on your walk south, through Cobble Hill/Court Street (good bakeries and italian specialty stores, marquet patisserie, etc) or return to Borough Hall for a subway home

                2. re: texann


                  Unless it messes up, the above link is mapquest from the corner that Grimaldi's is on to Atlantic Ave and Court St. As Jen says, dont follow the direct route indicated. Instead, take a walk to the Promenade, walk the Promenade then walk from the other end of the Promenade (Remsen) to Henry to Atlantic then the 2 blocks to Sahadi. If you dont want to walk the entire Promenade, there are some great landmarks in the area, including the Pilgrim Church w/Tiffany stained glass windows. Lots of brownstones from the 1800s.

                  Sahadi is a must. Dont talk yourself out of it if you're already in Bklyn Heights/Dumbo area on a weekday.

            2. re: CornflakeGirl

              Just okay? Grimaldi's isn't the best pizza in New York and service is brusque, but it still ranks as one of the better ones, and beats ANYTHING you can get in Texas by a long shot. Yes, you'll have to wait in line for it, but the view from that line ain't bad (manhattan skyline + brooklyn bridge).

              DUMBO is very picturesque too. If you're there during the day, save room for dessert and head over to Jacques Torres' chocolate shop or his pastry / gelato shop, Almondine.

              1. re: oolah

                I live in DUMBO and love it as a walking tour. But Grimaldi's is not the best pizza in New York by a long shot. It's a fine component of a day walking over the bridge though.

                For better pizza, try Di Fara's, or Arturros in Manhattan.

                1. re: oolah

                  Yeah I find it to be okay. Nothing really special.

                  Their Garden City location is much worse. I took two employees for lunch around the holidays and was almost embarrassed by it's mediocrity.

                  Can't comment on their locations in Arizona.

                  1. re: oolah

                    I agree. Grimaldi's pizza is, by any standard, pretty darned good pizza. Yeah, some people don't like the wait in line, nobody likes the distant staff... but at the end of the day I can't say I've ever been dissapointed after a visit. Doing the bridge, the promenade and Grimaldi's is one of the tried and true experiences for out-of-towners. It is what it is... no matter what the nyc pizza cognoscenti say.

                2. If you walk across the Bridge, you can explore DUMBO, have a nice lunch at GRIMALDI'S and explore the historic Brooklyn Heights area. You can find great photo ops near RIVER CAFE, and behind BROOKLYN ICE CREAM FACTORY which has delicious home made ice cream, though nowhere near as good as Bluebell.

                  It is still great pizza. Very good, very typically old NY Italian, and lots of fun.

                  There are really great places for lunch but you might want to check Zagat for other options.

                  You can walk up the hill, and explore Brooklyn Heights, which has beautiful tree lined streets lined with pre-Civil War era brownstones. Nothing worth mentioning in terms of shopping.

                  I hope you have a wonderful visit.