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Apr 10, 2007 09:14 AM


Is it worth a visit? My brother and I are devotees of BLT Burger but I was wondering if we should branch out. The fact that Frank Bruni liked this better than BLT Burger makes me unsure rather than excited though.

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  1. It's a delicious "beef sandwich with toppings" but not an authentic burger. The patty is just too thin and well done to be considered a burger (where you take a bite, look inside for done-ness, see the juice pour out, etc.)

    The decor is great. The sides were good. And service was bad.

    1. I've only been to BLT burger once. I enjoyed mine, but my boyfriend didn't like his, and I haven't been back because of reports of uneveness. I didn't like Brgr much. If you're looking for a new burger, Stand is better than Brgr.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I hated the bun at Stand. Like a crispy French baguette. Great for brie cheese, not for a burger. Nice service and nice decor, though.

      2. I liked BRGR, esp. the turkey burger. Reminds me a bit of Fatburger, which has become a recent favorite...

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          whoa.. is there a Fatburger in NY now? I went to Vegas a few yrs ago and had eaten at a Fatburger there, it was soooo effin good but totally ruined every burger offering here in NYC for me.. locally, I like Joe's Burger in Queens and Five Guys (3 locations), but couldn't love either because I've eaten at Fatburger.. good pricing though @ both.. much more reasonable than Brgr, which in my opinion isn't worth the price tag no matter how organic and all that health-conscious hoopla the meat is.. Five Guys has loads of complimentary unlimited toppings also, and i don't mean just standard burger sauces.. but @ Brgr, if you even look at menu for the add-ons you have to pay another dollar.. one good thing however are their sweet potato fries, kinda on the salty side but hey thats how I prefer em .. if you do wanna pay that price range for a burger and actually get your money's worth, hit up 67 Burger on Fulton and Lafayette in Brooklyn.. very yummy and great combinations, dope decor also.. I went to the high school thats on that same block: Brooklyn Tech, back when i attended there was nowhere to eat on that spot except at Academy Diner and Kennedy fried chicken.. what a jip! lol

        2. I've been to brgr two or three times now and I like it, but it's not a top burger candidate. I do like their chocolate chip cookies, though!

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          1. re: Blumie

            I should add that the service sucks. The food is prepared and delivered promptly, but each time I've gone, the staff taking orders has been ridiculously slow. In the three times I've been, there has been only one register open, but several staff members congregated together chatting and occasionally bothering to take an order.

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              I'll agree that the service is not the best from the order takers. The woman was in her own little world as I had to repeat my order five times (and I was speaking very slowly).

              That said, I think BLT Burger is much better than brgr.

          2. The original comment has been removed