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Apr 10, 2007 08:50 AM

Mint Premium Foods in Tarrytown

A Moroccan guy named Hassan operates this small but overfilled shop on Main Street where he stocks lots of exotic cheese, beer, amazing dark chocolate and lots of cool sundries. His Valhrona hot chocolate with the olive oil flatbread is my absolute favorite snack and the prepared foods, especially his rotisserie chicken, curry chicken, and wheatberries are not to be missed. I also sampled some sort of salad with octopus last time that was delicous. Shopping there is a really fun experience especially given all the samples they'll feed you.

It is probably my favorite place in Westchester right now, and I recommend it to anyone on Chowhound. He's opening a restaurant by Kykuit at the end of the summer.

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  1. T love this place too! I don't get there often because I am rarely in Tarrytown. His stuff is fabulous. The octopus saladis the best I have ever had. The glazed apricots are amazing too.

    What or where is Kykuit?

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    1. re: chocolate chick

      I agree. This deli is great. The belgian beer selection is what keeps me going back and they also have the great "fin du monde" beer from quebec. Awesome!

      As for the food - great selection of cured meats, cheese, olives and bread etc. Exactly what this european misses most!

      1. re: Scotty100

        He has a selection of belgian beer! Wow - I have to get there - google says 40 minutes from where I live - any shortcuts from Northwest Bergen county area to get there? (Is 59 shorter? or the Thruway?) - very excited and hoping to head over there next week-

      2. re: chocolate chick

        Kykuit is a historic site in Sleepy Hollow. It used to be a Rockefeller mansion.

        1. re: pinkyswore

          Wow, that would be great. I look forward to its opening. If you find out anything else, please report back!

          1. re: chocolate chick

            The restaurant is actually not next to Kykuit, but in the tour ticket building at the entrance to the Philipsburgh Manor "living museum", also a Rockefeller Foundation property, whence the buses to Kykuit (up the hill a couple miles) are dispatched.

            I haven't eaten there yet, but have noticed the sign. I'll have to take the walk there soon -- it's only a couple of blocks from where I live!

        2. re: chocolate chick

          Kykuit is part of the Rockefeller estate that was donated donated to NY State. It's pronounced "Kye-cut" and is available for tours. You have to catch a shuttle at Philipsberg Manor at 381 North Broadway and then ride up to the corner of Rte 448 and Lake St. You can drive by there but not enter without the tour.

        3. So I assume he never opened his restaurant? Can you eat-in at this place or is it take-out only? Does he have a website with a menu of sorts? I was recently at the Tarrytown Music Hall but did not look for this place (although I did pick up some menus as I walked along the street so maybe I have it).

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          1. re: MisterBill2

            I love this place. I work in Tarrytown so I'm able to eat lunch here often. The Tarrytown place is MUCH better than the place in Sleepy Hollow - which is really just a lunch counter with sandwiches and snacks. The selection is much better in Tarrytown and you cant beat the service. Hassan always gives you a taste of something new each time.

            1. re: MisterBill2

              Dude: He is across the street from the Music Hall LOL It is just a tiny market, no place to eat.

            2. the rotisserie saffron chicken is one of our all time favorites to go!

              1. Can't believe I've never noticed this place - does he take credit cards? And where exactly is it on Main Street? Thanks!

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                1. re: tvoz

                  Someone said it's across the street from the Music Hall, and I guess it's next door or 2 doors down from Chiboust since that is 14 and Mint is 18.

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Exactly. It ain't hard to find. Red and white striped awning. It is indeed a very small show, maybe 15 ft frontage and 40 ft deep.

                    1. re: woodburner

                      ok, thanks - next time I'm in Tarrytown I'll definitely take a look! Do you know if he's cash-only?

                      1. re: tvoz

                        he takes mastercard and visa, I think

                        1. re: woodburner

                          just confirming, he does take credit.

                      2. re: woodburner

                        It's not hard to find if you think to look for it. Last time I was in Tarrytown I did not walk on that side of the street (except to go into Chiboust to see if there was anything worth buying to have for dessert at home) and didn't even notice this place.

                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          Just a little familiar with Tarrytown. What is Chiboust? Also do you know the name of the other place?

                          1. re: JUDYSBACI

                            Chiboust is an expensive restaurant and bakery ( Not sure what other place you are talking about.

                            1. re: JUDYSBACI

                              Chiboust has o.k. food with tons of pretense. If I have to deal with attitude when trying to enjoy a meal, then the food better be well worth it! At this place, the food was never worth it.

                    2. This was one of my favorite places in Tarrytown when I lived there. The chicken curry wrap was a staple lunch and if you ask he'll make up a fantastic cheese and meat platter. My wife and I visited Hassan often and miss him now that we're up north.

                      If you do visit, that little block in Tarrytown has some great food. Coffee Labs for coffee, Mint for cheese, meats and beer and Chiboust for fancy desserts. Just down the street (literally) is Main Street Sweets which has fantastic homemade ice cream. It's a great little area.

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                      1. re: blowery

                        Took my girl up to Tarrytown on the suggestion of this thread, and it could NOT have been better. Had lunch from Mint- I had the Rotisserie Chicken and Cheddar on multi-grain hero and she had the Chicken Curry wrap. Wow. We sat on a bench on the corner of Broadway and Main in the sunshine and savored it. Then we hit Main Street Sweets and tried the home made ice cream. Try the turnover ala mode. It's a bargain at $4.95.
                        For dinner we went to Caravela for Portuguese. The Sea Bass is HUGE and delicious and the Chicken Macau is flavorful.
                        Thanks to all for the suggestions.

                        1. re: whatsadeici

                          Freaky...I was up there on Saturday with a friend, and had Mint on the list of places to check out, along with Main Street Sweets! Not that it's a horrible thing, but we were too full from having had lunch at Bailey's Smokeouse to eat once we were in Tarrytown! But the shop is PACKED with wonderful smelling/looking treats, and it's at the top of my list for a return trip.

                          1. re: Curlz

                            where's bailey's smokehouse?? what kind of stuff?

                            1. re: woodburner

                              Bailey's is in Blauvelt NY, all of a couple of miles from the big mall on the Palisades...the Q was fantastic! There is a thread about it here: and lots more on Off The Broiler. That was our destination for lunch, and then we headed across the TZ to Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow for further wanderings.