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Apr 10, 2007 08:47 AM

Fish cakes with canned fish ?

i want to make fish cakes out of canned fish and mother is absolutely against this idea ( she thinks fresh fish is the only way to do it), i'm a student and can only afford the canned fish, can someone give me a good recpie for canned tuna/ salmon fish cakes ?

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  1. I can't remember the details but a few months ago I was in the mood for salmon cakes and used the salmon in the pouch. Whatever recipe I used was awful - they didn't stick together, I was hungry and frustrated.

    Good luck and hopefully someone else has a recipe that actually works!

    1. Can you find some cheap frozen whitefish fillets (to make Thai style fishcakes)? Can't see that canned would turn out.

      1. My mother used to make these in the day. Chopped onion, an egg, canned fish, flaked, and some type of binder, probably bread soaked in water (and squeezed) or soaked in the egg mix. Basically it was meat loaf made with canned fish, formed into patties and fried. Sorry I don't have proportions but we didn't cook that way! As long as the patties hold together it should be okay. I preferred the salmon ones.

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          Yup this is what my family does with Salmon Croquettes... onions chopped, egg, bread crumbs, canned salmon, and ketchup.

        2. I like canned red salmon (but not the flavorless pink). If you do a search for salmon croquette, you'll find a number of similar, traditional recipes that should work well.

          1. I have definitely done it before... but again, no recipe, just by trial and error...
            I thought they were perfectly edible, and good, but just needed a touch more sauce than ones made w/ fresh fish!