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Apr 10, 2007 08:47 AM

New Canton Restaurant, Sacramento any good for dinner?

Any chowhounds try New Canton Restaurant, Sacramento for dinner? Plan to go Sun night.

New Canton Restaurant
2523 Broadway, Sacramento CA 95818

Any favorite dishes?

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  1. We went here after camping and we had an early dinner. Sun 4/15/07 dinner at 5pm. Place was almost empty on the bottom floor, but filled up while we ate.

    I picked these items for 3 ppl:

    1. potstickers -pan fried pot stickers (6) for $5.95-just ok, nothing special.
    2. broccoli chicken $9.95-good size portion, not enough broccoli and lots of goopy chicken.
    3. seafood chow fun w/ gravy $9-bland tasting, had only 1 shrimp, 2 calamari, some squid, mushrooms. No taste whatsoever. We still ate it, just add hot sauce.
    4. Fujian Fried Rice $9-mix over lots of tiny shrimp, little bits of duck, bbq pork, egg, gravy. Bland.

    Separate men & women bathroom. Women only 1 toilet.

    Our total before tip $36.53. Just ok place, kinda pricey for Chinese food.

    Open 7 days a week:
    10am-10pm (on the to-go menu) Thought I saw the sign on the door said 1AM & Sun until Midnight.

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      I would not go here and order typical Chinese stirfries etc. However, if you want Cantonese specialties - especially seafood - they are excellent.

      Fried fish, shellfish dishes, and duck are all very very good. But skip things like broccoli chicken, potstickers (mediocre), chow fun. Go with what they are known for, and what they show off on the menu (the Chinese menu).

    2. They are probably the best in Sacto for high end Cantonese seafood. But if you don't want that, I would go with Fortune House or Mayflower, or if you really want to cut the cost, New Station.

      1. It's definitely known for it's dim-sum, but I've had a couple of good dinners there. The salt and pepper squid is delicious, the black bean oysters are gigantic and good (and so are the clams), and I love the braised Asian greens with oyster sauce. They also do a nice Peking duck. However, the space can be an absolute zoo for dinners, complete with lots of loud noise and frenetic activity and we've experienced some truly blase, confused service there in the past. Although these seem to be the crosses one must bear if you want good Chinese food.

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          Unless they have some kind of banquet, sunday nights should be more quiet.

        2. I think you would do well ordering any of their fresh fish dishes. They have a wall of fish tanks. Look at the specials board and look around to see what other people have on their tables. We usually ask "what is best tonight" and they bring something they don't have on their regular (non chinese) menu. This place does have two menus - one they give to Chinese customers and a much shorter one with pictures that they give to non-Chinese customers. Try to order something off the Chinese menu.