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Apr 10, 2007 08:40 AM

FAGE for less?

After reading much about FAGE yogurt, I found and bought it at TJs a few weeks ago. It was very yummy. I got about a tablespoon and the rest went to my boys. But it was very expensive - I think roughly $4.50 for a medium tub (maybe 16 or 20 oz). TJs is usually where I go for the discounts. Can FAGE be had more cheaply elsewhere? I'm in the Seattle area if that helps. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure but you might want to try the TJ's greek yogurt -- picked some up the other day and its comparable (although not as good) as Fage. And costs about half as much!

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      I agree... TJ's greek yogurt is very tasty (I think it's less tart than Fage, which I kind of like), even the low/non-fat versions. After I tried the TJ brand, I stopped buying Fage.

    2. It's not as good as Fage if I do a side by side comparison, but if I don't compare it's just fine to use the Trader Joe's Greek Style yogurt, which is $2 for the same size.

      1. I've seen Fage for more than 4.50 but not less.
        If you have a Greek grocer in your area you might do better.

        1. Hate to be the dissenter, but it's all about what Fage charges the importer, who in turn charges the retailer. In my experience as a Fage retailer, there's not a lot of wiggle room. Fage makes one product- yogurt (with variations, but still). No retailer is going to charge you less than they are charged, period. The markup varies, but not by much- since there is only one importer of Fage in the US.

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              Fage makes more than just yogurt. They are a pretty big dairy company in Greece and have milk, cheese, yogurt and prepared desserts.