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Apr 10, 2007 08:39 AM

Anybody tried Qdoba?

I had a Burrito from Qdoba and was pleasantly suprised how good it was.
Anybody tried Qdoba yet?

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  1. I work in Back Bay and sometimes get a burrito craving so strong that nothing else will suffice. During those times I suck it up and go to Qdoba. My problem is never with the food, but the service. And I'm no service princess, here; I don't expect someone to wipe my mouth for me when I'm ordering in a food court. The trouble is with the specific thing I order. Observe the following, taken verbatim from my last visit:

    ME: Grilled vegetable burrito please.
    ME: No, grilled vegetable please.
    1ST PERSON ON ASSEMBLY LINE: Yes, vegetarian.
    ME: No, I would like GRILLED vegetable please.
    ME: Yes.
    1ST PERSON ON ASSEMBLY LINE: There is a difference, you know.
    ME: Yes, I know. I would like a grilled vegetable burrito.
    2ND PERSON ON ASSEMBLY LINE: You should have said that, then.

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    1. re: jsjs09812

      I don't understand - why didn't you just order the grilled vegetable burrito in the first place?

      ;) Hilarious!

      This may not be as funny as watching me do my "only just a few beans" interpretative dance in the Anna's Taqueria line, but it's close.

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        That's funny - I do a "extra salsa" interpretative dance at Anna's. Man, its like you are asking for their first born child to get extra salsa in the burrito, but they load it on without asking if you get a plate.

        I can't stand the lack of listening skills at anna's, its almost like a comedy routine to get steak and black beans instead of chicken with pinto beans. And if you really want some dirty looks shot your way, just ask for a little cilantro in your burrito.

        Heard Chipotle is coming to Davis sq., so hopefully they will be forced to pay a little more attention to their customers.

        1. re: LStaff

          Do you mean extra pico de gallo or the hot sauce (picante)? I know my Spanish is even worse than my French, but wouldn't saying "muy pico de gallo/picante" work?

          I never had to do much explaining when I wanted certain ingredients in my burrito at Annas, but I do recall them being quite hurried in preparation.

          And I agree the steaming makes them mushy.

      2. re: jsjs09812

        Sounds like me at Boca! Solamente pollo y frijoles negros (I know, my Spanish is awful). No rice, no cheese, please no salsa, just hot sauce! I always feel like I'm yelling at them.

        1. re: MrsCheese

          I tried the simple "Menos beans" or "Menos frijoles" but just get quizzical looks and a full scoop.

      3. I work in Harvard Square and am a big burrito person. I have now been 2x to the new Qdoba there and to be honest, I think I am done. The portions are just ridiculous, and most of it is just rice. The second time around I asked for half rice, and still it was too much. Plus, with most of the burritos inching up towards $7 I thought was a bit overpriced. With a drink, my burritos come out to $9. I'll stick to bolocco - less authentic, but more variety and a great deal. Plus, the breakfast burritos are to die for...

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        1. re: MaggieMuffin

          I just moved to New England from Indianapolis - where there are several Qdoba. Like any chain, service and quality differ from store to store. In Indy - there was at least one great Qdoba. I recommend ordering both the mild and hot salsas on your burrito (the mild is really just chopped tomato and onion). Also ask for lettuce if you want it on your burrito - they'll give it to you for free.

          1. re: brieonwheat

            I agree! I like Qdoba because I liek the cilantro rice. It's a chain, so it's not going to be perfect. I go to the one on Summer Street fairly regularly and the service is usually very efficient. And I always order two salsas - the tomato mild and the green spicier one and the lettuce and they are always very happy to oblige. I went to the new Chipotle in Everett and was VERY disappointed. The service was horribble and it was totally overstuffed with rice. They are chains - I think you can't expect greatness.

          2. re: MaggieMuffin

            I'm sort of the opposite, not a huge burrito eater, but like Felipe's. It seems to be the only place I can finish a whole buttito and not feel sick afterward. Plus, they respond well to custom orders. I can get a super chicken with no cheese or beans and sub grilled vegetables with it, plus the usual rice and salsa. No screw ups yet. And they are pretty cheap, price-wise, even with a drink.

            1. re: MaggieMuffin

              I have to agree with MaggieMuffin on this one - far too much rice. I went to the Porter Square location shortly after it opened a few years ago, and decided I would never order another burrito from them based on their ratio of rice to price.

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                1. I work in the Back Bay and only have two burrito spots to choose from: Qdoba and Boloco. Qdoba is definitely good, better than passable, I think. The variety of burritos, sauces, rices, etc. is beyond standard and all of the ingredients seem fresh to me. My only complaint is the prices. $6 or $7 for a burrito is too much IMO.

                  Boloco, on the other hand, is really not good if you are looking for a burrito even approaching "authentic." Their other wraps are good but their attempts at Tex-Mex just don't hold up.

                  To answer MrsCheese, it is Chipotle that is owned by McDonald's, I think, and one just opened in Medford in Wellington Circle.

                  Out of those three I think Qdoba is definitely the best.

                  I just WISH Anna's would open a store on Newbury Street... hint, hint!