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Apr 10, 2007 08:09 AM

Party Ideas?

I am planning a "get together" at my home for a bunch of friends and I wanted to try a unique dinner party idea. I was hoping someone out there had a little luck with such an endeavor and could give me some helpful hints or ideas!!! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can give! King Svelt. Rugby players can eat with utensils! LOL

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  1. Well one time for a group of girls I did a party with all white food - white asparagus, white chocolate fondue, chicken skewers w/ yogurt sauce, macaroons, etc. White tablecloths, white napkins, etc etc etc. It was really cute (and girly).

    Maybe polenta with different toppings? Something where they can do everything themselves? Chow had a story a few months ago about a taco/burrito party where you make all the components and guests create their own.

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      Are you trying to get me killed!! LOL

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        How about beer tasting and cheese and BYO meat for the grill - something like that? Or something really spicy like flank steak with a spicy salsa or chimichurri sauce.

    2. I attended a Comfort Food party where everyone brought their favorites. We had a huge potluck of chicken & dumplings, meatloaf, chips w/corn and avocado salsa, asparagus with parm, ben & jerry's ice cream, and more. Amazing how balanced the meal turned out!

      1. when is the party? If you plan it around/near a certain day that could be the theme (like in May you have the Kentucky Derby,Preakness, & Belmont) or cinco de mayo
        later on Bastille day, etc... or have a theme like Oktoberfest, but who cares what day!

        could always go for a luau/island theme!

        what about - restaurant theme using restaurant copycat recipes

        1. This not super gourmet but my husband and his friends did a everything on a stick or spit party. They did a lot of kabobs (some veggie beside all the meat), the main course was rotiessorie pork loin, appetizers were meatballs (served with toothpicks), bacon wrapped sausages (toothpicks), corn dogs, dessert was smores.