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Apr 10, 2007 08:02 AM

Great Pho in Atlanta?

You drive down Buford highway there are so many of them...what in your opinion are the best places to eat pho in Atlanta? Or Vietnamese food in general.

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  1. Pho 79 (use to have a location on Buford Hwy. but I think has moved to a new location in Doraville) and Com Vietnamese Grill (Buford Hwy)... are two of my favorites with consistently good food and friendly service. Com has an amazingly fresh salad made with green mango, papaya and apple and your choice of grilled meat that is not to be missed. The lamb la lot leaves are also super addictive!!!

    1. -For super cheap awesome vietnamese sandwiches (Bahn mi): Quoc Huong in Asia Square

      -For best beef, pig's blood, tendons, etc. Pho: Dai Loi #2 (across the street from the C'om)

      -For best fish broth (fumet) dishes- Pho #1 (across the street from Dai Loi #2)

      -Many people like C'om but not my fave. If completely unfamiliar with Vietnamese cuisine, you may want to try itl Many people like, but it is just not my fave.

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        The original Pho Dai Loi on Jonesboro Rd just off 285 is our fave. I get the medium number 9 or 13, rare beef on the side. I also like the spring rolls and the iced coffee. Bun dishes are not as good here as at the old Pho 79. Have not visited the new Pho 79.