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Apr 10, 2007 07:59 AM

London bar tips?

I am excited about my upcoming trip to London, in part because of this article in the NY Times:

Has anyone been to any of the places discussed in the article? Are you aware of any other places which should have been mentioned?

As I am posting in the Spirits, not UK, board, I am focusing on the drinks, not the chow. Although, chowtips within any place are of course appreciated. (I'll be sifting through the UK board as well, don't worry!)


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  1. When you get to London pick up a copy of Difford's Guide (different versions cover different groups of cities.) They are a new guides that cover the UK's top cocktail bars, as well as Boston, New Orleans, New York, and Las Vegas. Simon Difford is known for his expertise on cocktails and spirits, he is also a brand manager for some liqueurs/spirits in the UK. I have some of his guides and they are excellent.

    1. I ordered a Martini at my cousin's club in London. It came warm, and they didn't have any olives. The NY Times article has some great suggestions. I would stick to the places mentioned in it.
      If you are also interested in brews, I stumbled across It has great reviews of all the pubs in London.

      1. I like the bar at the top of the Oxo Tower (near the Tate Modern). Good cocktails, great view of the city, and it's actually filled with real Londoners!!