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Apr 10, 2007 07:42 AM

dinner before flight at logan?

Will be meeting some friends at Logan airport tomorrow, and before our flight we would like to go out for dinner. It will be four guys, and we were thinking about the North End but would consider options not in the North End.

I was thinking about La Brace, or Massimino's.

Also wondering about Rino's or Cafe Italia in East Boston....anyone been recently?

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  1. There has been a lot of criticism on the board lately about LaBrace, but my experience has been good there. It can be slow so if you're on a tight schedule it may not be the best choice. The steak tips were great and I would suggest sticking with grilled meat choices rather than pasta. Further up the street is LaGalleria 33 which would be a good choice. They're relatively new so getting a table wouldn't be difficult. You may want to check out their website.

    1. Rino's is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about it. I just moved out of the neighborhood, and it's is what I miss most. Make sure to spring for the homemade pasta.

      1. i'm fairly new to the neighborhood and just tried cafe italia for the first time. i was truly and pleasantly surprised. home-made pasta, generous, but not ridiculous portions, decent wines and really reasonable prices.

        1. When I can work the logistics, I try to stop at Santarpio's for a small pie with garlic and a couple of long neck Buds. Parking the rental car is always a drag.

          I have thought that the ideal solution would be to return the rental and walk down Porter or Maverick Street -- or some side street -- to Santarpios's -- walk back and grab the rent a car shuttle to the terminal.

          Years ago (12+) -- there was above average sushi in the International terminal. Does anyone have any data there?

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            Terminal E doesn't offer any good sushi to speak of, as far as I'm aware. There is a food court area that has some take away sushi, but it's not thing exciting.

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              Terminal E is woefully inadequate, especially since it can be the last local meal for all of our international travelers.

              Because of security and time concerns, many arrive early with the idea of relaxing and enjoying a bite before taking off.

              The only "sit down" venue serves truly awful food, but the patrons are leaving, how can they complain?

              I'm so glad the OP launched the journey in East Boston. There should be a shuttle just for this purpose.

          2. Sorry for not reporting back but we ended up at Rino's. It's a neighborhood kind of place, but we were welcomed by everyone there. Homemade pasta was great. Veal and Chicken Parm. for the table was fantastic. We told them not to overload the dishes because we couldn't take any food with us and when they brought the food out they told us if we wanted more to just ask and we couldn't finish what they brought. Nothing fancy about the place just excellent home cooked italian food. Can't say enough about the people here, very friendly.

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              Rino's Place
              258 Saratoga Street, Boston, MA 02128