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Liberty yogurt alert

Not sure how regional this is, but the other day at Costco (in Markham, I think) I found Liberty plain 2% yogurt - two 1-litre tubs for $4.99. It's not the organic stuff, but it still beats the pants off any other yogurt in town. Wanted to share.

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  1. I've bought some at the Costco on Warden north of Lawrence. I keep hoping for the same pack, but their Greek-style yogurt. I drained the 2% and it was pretty good.

    1. Liberty yogurt is fairly widely available in the Toronto area. The problem is that it doesn't get restocked often enough. I believe it comes from the dairy distributor and isn't in the chain warehouses. If you like the 2%, why not live dangerously and go for the 10% version. This is the best yogurt I've tasted in North America.

      No if only someone can lead me to a reliable supply of the 30% BF Western sour cream...

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        Oddly enough, my local No Frills carries Western sour cream just about all the time. You can also pretty reliably get it at Highland Farms.

        Oh - 10% yogurt is so wonderful. But it's not something I can allow myself very often. I do like the Liberty brand - good flavour, even in the 2%/ And if I want to get a little crazy, I'll drain it for a few hours.

        1. re: Nyleve

          My favourite is Liberty's apple pie dessert yogourt. I can easily eat the whole tub in a single serving.

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          Liberty is excellent...I'm really into the mango-apricot one. Don't think I've come across the 10% or the apple pie flavour though...both sound great.

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            Yup, my No Frills (Queensway and Royal York) always has Western Creamery Sour Cream. They often have the 30% Extra Rich. It truly is the ultimate sour cream. If you're going to indulge in sour cream, you might as well go all the way! Light sour cream = YUCKO!

          2. Thanks for sharing that. When I saw the subject heading, I was scared it was a food recall ... whew. Liberty fat free organic is my favourite. Of course the 2% is better but I can't afford the calories.

            1. Why don't we get their cream cheese here? Anybody?

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                I don't know why we get Liberty yogurt, but not Liberty cream cheese. However, we do get Western cream cheese here. (Liberty is based in Montreal and Western is in Toronto.) The companies are connected and the overall quality of everything they both make is excellent.

                Western also makes Mandel's cream cheese, which might have been the best anywhere when it was made in a little storefront on Baldwin St. Something is missing from the old days, but I think you'll be very happy with both Western and Mandel's.

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                  Just to add to all this... Liberty does make a tzatziki sauce. Haven't tried, but have seen it repeated times at my local Dominion store (Yonge & Eglinton) in the section by the yogurts and sour creams!

              2. I've only seen Liberty Yogurt in one store around here. I bought one flavor to sample - the Maple. I really liked the taste, but I wish the consistency was thicker.

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                1. i saw this post last week and just about had a heart attack. I had just come from sobeys where they were out of the 6 (100cal) sized yogurts. I thought someone was going to say they went out of business or something. Thankfully I saw this instead. I wish I liked the plain yogurt :( i saw that at costco ealier in the week.

                  I really love the apple and coconut flavours. I cant complain about any of them, but those are my fave. The mango apricot and vanilla organic are what i eat every day though. the 8% is pushing it for daily consumption.

                  the only bad thing about this yogurt is it has turned me off all others. I bought a container of a diff kind when the grocery store was out, and it was just nasty. i used to eat plain 2% with berries in it (like astro or whatever) but the last container went moldy cuz i kept buying more liberty.

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                    I usually stir some home-made strawberry or blueberry jam into the plain 2% and it's delicious. Or honey and walnuts, or maple syrup. Sometimes good granola. Pick up any kind of preserves or jam that you like and add it to the yogurt and you'll have something delicious that can be as sweet (or not) and as healthy (or not) as you like. With the cost of the pre-flavoured and individually packaged yogurts, you're doing so much better by mixing up your own. And if you need to pack them into a lunch or something, you can pre-mix the yogurt and sprinkle in anything dry or crunchy when you're ready to eat. I don't want to get all tiresomely environmental here, but it also creates less waste.

                    1. re: Nyleve

                      I've tried that, it still doesnt do it for me. thats what i did before i discovered liberty. sigh. i would buy the large containers of the organic, but i would eat them in one sitting. this time my health comes before the environment, because i lack yogurt self control.

                      1. re: cupcakez

                        Damn. I was scared too!
                        Does anyone besides me remember back in the day when Libery would make two different strawberry-flavoured types of their Meditteranée yogurt? The wild strawberry was to die for, but sadly it has been discontinued.
                        And in re Libery cream cheese, I say we start a movement. I miss it sorely. But thanks for the Western tip. I'll give it a try. On a Gryfe bagel, perhaps? I was introduced to these lovelies yesterday, and may just have to pick some up.

                        1. re: pouletsecret

                          Western cream cheese is great. Even the light (15%...not that light, but hey, it is cream cheese) is excellent.

                          1. re: Yongeman

                            If you are starting a movement (LOL)
                            ask them to bring back the lemon flavour as well.
                            I agree that this is the only non-organic yogurt worth eating in T.O.

                            1. re: erly

                              i was in valumart yesterday and saw the lemon liberty yogurt so i'm pretty sure they're still making it :)

                  2. Has anyone tried Krinos sheep's milk yoghurt? I don't know it it's actually a new product, but I just found it yesterday at Pape IGA. It's 5% and quite thick, I would use it for dips etc without draining it. It is not too tangy, with just a little taste of something different, maybe an earthiness, compared to cow's milk (which could be my imagination). I like it.

                    1. Liberty's plain goat yogurt is my new favorite thing.

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                        I tried Liberty yogurt for the first time last night b/c of this post and the raves it has received by chowhounds. Well.....thank you! I tried caramel dulce de leche and it is fantastic! I bought it at Loblaws and it was $3.29 for 500 grams. Is it widely available as I don't think I have seen it before. I would like to try the other flavors.

                        1. re: Romana

                          Thanks Sumashi,
                          Loblaws told my last year that it was discontinued, and have not found it since.
                          Am heading to a valumart for the lemon!

                          1. re: erly

                            This past weekend I had the light Western cream cheese on a St. Viateur bagel (brought back a freezer-full on my last business trip to Mtl) topped by Kristapson's smoked salmon. Wow, that was good.

                            1. re: childofthestorm

                              Oh yeah, Kristapson's. Does everyone know about the little shop on Yonge, just south of Brookdale, in addition to the main store on Queen E. (it's still there, isn't it?).

                              1. re: Yongeman

                                It's still there, but don't go without calling first. They are open at very irregular hours.

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                          Have you tried the sheep yogurt from Best Baa at the St Lawrence Farmer's Market? Delightful.

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                            I purchased a two pack of LIBERTE Yoghurt at COSTCO recently, as I have been doing so for a long time. The yoghurt in both tubs was very foul, even though it had a best before date of April 20, (purchased on April 2. Unusal for COSTCO and LIBERTE!

                        3. Try the Liberty Prune/Walnut.. I make a desert with it, baby sponge cakes, the yogurt, some candied walnuts, fresh berries and then you can drizle a little maple syrup or a melted jam . Amazing desert and quick and fairly healthy vs a big slab of cake.

                          1. Costco also sells Liberte Greek Yogurt in a case of 12 with 3 flavours - strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry

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                              yes i just picked up that same yogurt, which is 0% fat. I never eat low-fat fruit flavoured yogurts by the major brands because of the cornstarch/ gelatine tastelessness of it all. This yogurt is awesome, low-fat or not! In the first bite I do detect a slight chalkiness but after that the thick, somehow rich and creamy yogurt plus quality fruit mixture take over. Great yogurt.