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Apr 10, 2007 06:23 AM

G-Danz...opinions please

Well we seem to have covered The Keg and Tulip both pro and con...am thinking about trying "G-Danz".....Opinions anyone?

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  1. I think it is D-Ganz not G- Danz, and I am going there tonight.

    Will let u know.

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    1. re: superizzy

      So in a nut shell, food at D-Ganz was very good. We all had steaks, and they were delicious and properly cooked.

      Sides were nice were if not particularly inspired (fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, fried tomatos). Great value at $3 each

      Presentation was very average , and service was average to below average.

      Bottom lline GREAT value for the food, especially the $10.95 10 oz sirloin special , with dessert and coffee, but dont expect a ultra fine dining experience. I would definitely go back for a casual dinner.

      1. re: superizzy

        Hey thanks so much...since it is very close to my home I think I'll give it a try..
        to quote the Hide House...'worth the drive to Acton' or in our case 'saving the drive to the Tulip'
        p.s. did you have any dessert?.

        1. re: pearlD

          Dessert was actually a very nice creme brule. Option for choco cake and apple pie

    2. The steaks at D-Ganz were great. The $10.95, 10 oz sirloin special has been replaced by a $15.95 breaded sliced beef tenderloin special with dessert and coffee. I got the 10 oz New York strip loin for $18.95 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I shared a slice of the pie, which was a mixed berry one, and that was also very tasty.

      One major drawback about the place is the poor selection of drinks. I'm reluctant to return or recommend it to anyone for that reason. It would definitely satisfy a mid-week steak craving though.