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Apr 10, 2007 06:14 AM

Argh!! Paris on a restricted diet

Dear Chowhound, I never thought it would happen to me....

Actually, it's not me but my sister. She's coming to visit me in Paris next week, and her body chose NOW to develop an acute sciatica. To alleviate the sciatica, she's on a regimen of Norflex and NSAIDs, which means that she can't stomach red meat, bread, dairy, chocolate, alcohol, or pretty much anything else that makes life worth living. Needless to say, she's as much a foodie as I.

On the other hand, she CAN eat white meats and fish, and she hasn't tried duck meat quite yet. She's slowly re-taught her stomach to handle small doses of cheese, but she's pretty much on a fish/chicken + veggies/fruit diet. This isn't necessarily a horrible thing on its own, but I'm worried about taking her out for dinner and finding nothing on the menu for her.

Any suggestions for restaurants that might be flexible for people with dietary restrictions?


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  1. I should think La Cagouille, the wonderful fish restaurant in the 14th would be a goodie... as well Maceo in the 1er has a lovely vegetarian menu she could choose from...